Thursday, June 25, 2009

Much Needed Bathroom Fix-up

Sorry, I fell a little out of love with blogging for a while, and I've been busy working on the bathrooms, and had a little vacation soon after.

Anyway, here are our new and improved bathrooms sans Ellie's (note to self, don't do any home improvements while just might break a mirror). I just need some vinyl lettering to cover a crack in the mirror.

I did not take any before pictures. We had knotty alder cabinents with floating mirrors and white walls (gag). We still have linoleum (double gag), but hopefully in the next couple of months we'll get some tile. *Note pictures are not the best, but the bathrooms are now dirty, and I'm not in the mood to clean just for a picture.* :P

Dan is now anxious for me to start teaching in hopes that my home projects will cease (wishful thinking).

Our bathroom:

Close up of mirror:

Downstairs bathroom: