Sunday, December 20, 2009

"I really like dancing on stage."

Apparently Ellie is a born performer. She had her Christmas Dance recital Thursday. She loves ballet, and looks forward to it every week. She's bummed that she doesn't get to go to dance until the beginning of the year. Dan and I were so proud of her...she's definitely no nonsense when it comes to dancing. :)

She also LOVED putting on makeup, and having her hair done. She told us that she looked just like Belle on Beauty and the Beast.

Here is a snippet of her first dance.

And here is part of her second dance.

Grandma GiGi brought her flowers (don't mind that her mascara smeared...Santa came, and she thought we were going to leave without seeing him).

She would still prefer to admire Santa from afar. Apparently he is welcome to bring her presents, but he can't come in the house. One of her friends from dance class waited in line with her to sit on his lap. I guess a little reassurance from someone your own age helps with fear...who knew?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy, Merry Whatever....

So, I'm behind on pictures...possibly as far back as Ellie's birthday. I've always hated scrapbooking, and I thought I'd be better at this (outlook not so good).

Here's Ellie about six months ago, on her birthday (YIKES!!).
Low key pool party.

I think I already posted her presents, just not pictures.

Family Reunion at the farm.

Only the best waterslide ever.

She actually let me take pictures of her this year...what a difference a year makes.

Ellie wanted to be a scarecrow for Halloween. She is proudly standing by the Jack 'o' Lantern she and Dan made.
Ellie, Grace and Laney before hitting up the neighborhood for candy. Ellie really enjoyed trick or treating this year. Last year she wanted to hand out candy, and she was quite disappointed that we didn't let her go to more houses...well, next year we know. :)
Thanks for indulging me. I now feel fully caught up, and ready to move onto the next post. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hi Blog...

It's me, Katy. I'm sure you've forgotten about me by now...let's just pretend that we skipped November this year (I'm trying to spare your feelings, here). November was uneventful anyway (I think, I didn't write anything down, so I imagine nothing happened...).

I'm already getting the, "So, when are you due?" comments, and, "Wow, you must be having a BIG baby.", and, "You still have a LONG time!!" I don't dare say that I'm actually due (I mean, I think I know) two weeks later than the February 13th I've been telling everyone. Yes, this kid will be 12 lbs....go big or go home. I plan on having a 20 lber, so I can be in the news. These kind of comments have possibly sent me into my anti-socialization mode.

My mom takes pictures of my lovely, lady lumps for Ben (I'm sure he wants to see them), but I try to erase them before I leave her house. Who needs that kind of incriminating evidence?

I still haven't told my second graders that I'm expecting. When they ask if I'm going to have a baby. I just tell them I had a big lunch...possibly a Kindergartner. Yesterday a boy in my class said, "C'mon we already know you're having a baby." to which I said, "Then quit asking me about it, Mr. Know-it-all!!" Was that too harsh?

Four year olds kind of suck rocks. I loved 1-3, but four...ugh. We've been practicing like crazy for the circus. Is four too young to join? It doesn't help that she repeats everything I say, in the same tone I said it when she's mad at me. I tell you what, if she says, "Listen to me when I'm talking to you!!" one more time, I'm gonna lose it!!

Boy names...they suck too. This kid in me, not only is he a tanker, but he is also a mover and a shaker. He often kicks Ellie. I can't wait until he is old enough to pull her hair. I've also taken up snoring. The baby and I work together to make it impossible for Dan to sleep. I snore, and the baby kicks all night (enough to shake the bed). Broken ribs are possibly in my near future.

Dan told me this year that he refuses to take the day after Thanksgiving off next year. He said he works harder that day than he would if he went to work. Everyone knows Christmas goes up the day after Thanksgiving...and if you don't...we need to have a serious chat.

Again, I apologize blog. I'll post pictures of Halloween and such when I find my is probably hiding under my bottom somewhere, but I can't really maneuver myself off the couch to see...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ellie Rocks!!

So, I've been meaning to post about Ellie for at least a week now, and being the good mom that I am...I've continued to forget about it. Well, now that she's sleeping I don't have to hear her tell me to get off the stupid computer (usually I change my mind about her awesomeness when that happens)...

Anyway, on to the reason why Ellie is the best. Last Sunday was our ward's primary program, and about four weeks before the primary president called and asked if Ellie would do this talk again. She LOVED giving/practicing that talk, so of course I was more than happy to have her do it. However, over a four week span, Ellie was sick of practicing. She would throw a couple of fits, and the only thing that would shape her up was when I would tell her I would have Grace give it (her little friend that was coming to church with us). I started thinking this was a bad idea.

Well, the day came. We invited Great Grandpa and Grandma, Grandma GiGi, Grandpa and Grandma Jessen, and Aaron's family (well Aaron called to ask if he could come, because they asked him to talk in church, and he didn't want to). Everyone was there. When it was time for Ellie's talk, I could tell she was a little nervous. That little girl of mine got up to the mic with a full audience of adults (everyone knows she doesn't like adults), and gave her talk all by herself. She rocked!! Dan even said he got a little misty eyed...he loves that baby girl.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boy, Oh Boy

On Thursday, we went to my ultrasound to find out the sex of our baby. Turns out what I thought was an umbilical cord was actually a penis (trust me, they are easy to confuse)! :P

We also found out that I am two weeks ahead of schedule...I call foul. Pretty sure I kept track of everything this time around. Ellie was an oops, and I had no idea how far along I was with her. I just think I might be pregnant with a chunk. So, the new tentative due date is February 13th. We'll see what happens.

On the way home from the doctor's office, we stopped by the health department to get our H1N1 shots. We waited for 1 1/2 hours. I was surprised how many people were there considering all the negative things I had heard about this shot. Anyway, it all went well. I got the shot and Dan and Ellie got misted, and get this....we're still alive!! :P

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Book Ends

Check Etsy for different listings (tennis shoes, high heels, etc.) and prices.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Locking Her Up, and Throwing Away the Key...

A boy kissed Ellie at a party tonight...on the lips!! I didn't know that spin the bottle was an acceptable activity when being watched by Grandma and Grandpa. I asked my dad what she did after the little boy planted one on her, and apparently she giggled.

When I asked her about it later, she said that he was her boyfriend, it wasn't gross, and she would do it again.

So, I figure I should write down the next story in this post to embarrass her in front of her potential suitors (don't want to forget it)...

I like my baths. Nice, hot baths. Usually I'll plop Ellie in front of the TV so I can have some quiet time to myself. One day as I was relaxing in the tub. The door burst open, and there was Ellie in the buff, wearing goggles. Swimming lessons have been the end of my hot, relaxing baths.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bridal Veil Falls

I tell you what, you really don't appreciate three-day weekends until you are was fabulous.

So, apparently Dan has always wanted to take "his girls" to Bridal Veil Falls, but only ever told us today, so off we went. We played it like usual and picked the path less traveled, and by less traveled I mean, are we lost? After much hiking, and listening to Ellie who hiked with no help repeat, "I can do it!!" (think Little Engine that Could), we made it to the falls.

See what I mean about path less traveled...check out Ellie. She was a powerhouse!!

After the falls, we went to Grandma and Granpa's for dinner that was topped off with Peach Cobbler (per my request). We were able to visit with Aaron, Leticia, Lucy, Lily, Grandma and Granpa Jessen, and Grandma GiGi.
Work tomorrow...grumble, grumble. :P

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Day of School

I mean, "pre-school". Ellie is so adamant that I say pre-school and not school. She looks funny without a backpack, but her teacher said she didn't need one. Not to worry, she took one the next day, because all the other kids did. :)

So far Ellie hasn't had the chance to make friends. She says she has been too busy. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

13.1 Miles at 13 Weeks!!

And they still gave me an XS shirt...I almost cried!!

P.S. Sorry about the sweaty under-boob.

P.S.S. Thanks Heidi for documenting the moment in a photo for me. ;)

A Force to be Reckoned with...

Miss Ellie just finished her season of soccer. Dan decided he wanted to go all out (he wanted his little girl to be into sports). I found some shin guards, soccer shorts, and cleats for a fairly decent price. Dan was so proud, and Ellie insisted on wearing her full soccer "get-up" hours before her actual game.

Here are a couple action shots for your viewing pleasure...

This little girl LOVED playing soccer. She was so excited about it, and eve scored two goals in one game. Her drive to actually play was soon lost, in her last four games she was seeking out a friend to hold hands with instead of a goal. I now need to look into dance to keep her busy...any suggestions?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ellie's Primary Talk

Ellie has wanted to give a talk in Primary for the LONGEST time, she's actually been given the assignment twice before, but we were out of town both times. Well, she finally had her chance to shine. I thought she was going to freeze up, but she did fantastic!! She memorized her talk in one day (and created her own spin on it...). I recorded her right after we got home from church. When she practiced at home, she used the squirt bottle for her microphone and set up the chairs for the audience....

This is mainly for Grandpa who missed her talk, because he was in Korea on a business trip.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You May be Mourning the Death of Michael Jackson, world....

But today, Ellie is having the BEST DAY EVER!!

It actually started the day before her birthday when she received a card in the mail from Great Grandpa and Grandma Jessen with $5...she was in Heaven!! Ellie had mentioned to me that she wanted to decorate the house for her birthday, so Dan got the supplies and together we trashed the house when Ellie was asleep. The reaction was so worth it, we might do it every year!! ;)

Friday, July 3, 2009

18 hours w/no rides at the end...

Well, we made it home!! On the 16th of June, we drove to Tulsa, OK for my cousin Lucas' fare-the-well (then he came out here a week later to enter the MTC....pointless vacation, you say?). We actually had a really good time, and Ellie loves hotels...especially hotels with pools. :)

The first day in Tulsa, we got pedicures. I can't remember if I told the story about the day I had a pedicure for graduation...Long story short, Ellie threw a fit, because I told her she could have one too, the lady painted her toenails, and called it good. As soon as we got outside, Ellie had a meltdown because she wanted to stick her feet in the water too!! Well, she finally got her nails done (I'll have to get the pictures from my mom's camera).

After our nails looked beautimus, we went to the Aquarium where we fed and petted the stingrays, and the turtles (well, we didn't pet them, we wanted to keep our fingers). Ellie also pet a starfish, and held a shark egg...ick.

The next day we went to Philbrook Museum. Philbrook Museum was actually at one time a mansion, it was huge!! Check out the gardens:

Saturday, we met back up with the men-folk (did I mention they went to two Kansas City Royals games?) for lunch and then later went to a farewell party for Lucas where Ellie almost drowned (which has really gotten my butt in gear for survival swimming, but we keep playing phone tag).
Sunday, we listened to a great talk by Lucas. He really will make a great missionary. Then we ate Piroskies, and headed home. Apparently Aaron has posted several sleeping pictures of me on facebook...not cool Aaron, not cool.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Much Needed Bathroom Fix-up

Sorry, I fell a little out of love with blogging for a while, and I've been busy working on the bathrooms, and had a little vacation soon after.

Anyway, here are our new and improved bathrooms sans Ellie's (note to self, don't do any home improvements while just might break a mirror). I just need some vinyl lettering to cover a crack in the mirror.

I did not take any before pictures. We had knotty alder cabinents with floating mirrors and white walls (gag). We still have linoleum (double gag), but hopefully in the next couple of months we'll get some tile. *Note pictures are not the best, but the bathrooms are now dirty, and I'm not in the mood to clean just for a picture.* :P

Dan is now anxious for me to start teaching in hopes that my home projects will cease (wishful thinking).

Our bathroom:

Close up of mirror:

Downstairs bathroom:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monkey Girl

As the two year anniversary of our blog is coming up, I'm going to quickly update so I can get another blog book made (as you all know, I abhor scrapbooking).

Gymnastics was followed by an award ceremony and her very own trophy. Grandpa was able to attend while I dashed to meet with the second grade teachers for next year.
P.S. I know the leotard looks tight, poor thing is built just like her mother...long torso, and short legs!! Oh well, she'll always have bikinis!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


As we were driving home from dinner, we saw some baby cows. I reminded Ellie that Great Grandpa had some new calves at the farm. Being cheeky, I also told her we should go visit them before we eat them.

Ellie: Does grandpa kill cows at the barn?

Me: Grandpa doesn't kill the cows at the farm, he takes them to a place that does it.

Dan: They slaughter the cows.

Ellie: What does slaughter mean?

Dan: That is what it is called when they kill cows before we eat them.

Ellie (wailing): I don't want to eat animals!!

Dan: Ellie, Heavenly Father gaves us animals to eat.

Ellie: I think I'll just eat dirt.

Me: Dirt?

Dan: Animals aren't bad for you Ellie.

Ellie: I know, dirt isn't either.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


On Friday, my kids from student teaching had their first grade program, and Ellie came with me. We arrived a little later than planned, so we stood in the back of the gym. I stood next to a grandma and some grandkids. I put Ellie down, because let's face it...she's gettin' heavy!! I looked down at her and I saw she was fixated on something on the floor. I got a better look, and I realized it was a potato bug (rollie-pollie). The only problem, a little boy was playing with it.

Ellie watched the little boy continually run over the potato bug with his toy car. As soon as he walked away from the potato bug, Ellie hurried and swooped it up. When he returned he demanded that Ellie give him the bug back, because he had it first. Ellie hid it behind her back, but reluctantly gave it to him when he grabbed her hand. Not wanting to intervene, I just watched. The little boy continued to hit the potato bug with his car. I looked down at Ellie and her eyes had welled up with tears, so I picked up that heavy girl and hugged and love her while she cried about the poor potato bug.

I thought the one occasion was just a fluke...sure she's sweet and all, but she's a kid, right? Well, last night Dan was gone at an RSL game. Ellie and I decided to make some Muddy Buddies. She was being so good that I decided I would let her stay up a little later than planned.

I was channel surfing and stopped on Little Women on the movie channel. We were just catching the tail end of the movie when Jo returned home to be with her ailing sister Beth. Ellie was asking me lots of questions like "what's wrong with that girl in bed?", "why is she sick?", etc. When Beth died, I looked over at Ellie, and she was crying!! She looked at me and said, "This show is making me cry!!".

And I thought she only cried about going to her room!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Disneyland Positive/Negative Summary

Negative: People
Positive: Grandma's wearing tube tops around their waists, and still covering their parts.

Negative: Lines
Positive: Fast Passes

Negative: Ellie was too short for some of the rides.
Positive: She wasn't too short for tower of terror, and yes...we did. :)

Negative: The kiddie rides.
Positive: Ellie preferred the roller coasters.

Negative: Temper tantrums
Positive: Ditching the temper tantrumees, and shopping by myself.

Negative: Long, hot days
Positive: A good night's rest

Negative: Tired and cranky
Positive: Did not contract Swine Flu ;)

Negative: Swarms of people during fireworks
Positive: Saw Angie after the fireworks...hooray!!

Negative: $5 popsicles
Positive: Eating outside of Disney, and meeting a new friend and her two kids...hooray!!

Now that you've graduated what are you going to do?

Nobody asked me, so I thought I'd tell you anyway...

I'm going to Disneyland (well I did)!!

For the happiest place on Earth, there sure were a bunch of temper tantrums. I expected a couple from Ellie, and was surprised by Dan (apparently lack of sleep and no dramamine can make a motion sick person cranky)!! In fact, Ellie may have thrown less...just sayin'.

It was a nine hour drive for us. I bought a ton of activities for Ellie to do while in the car, but in the end, I'm glad we had a DVD player and silly putty.

Ellie made this hat:

First full day at Disney, can you see the excitement?

Ellie rode most of the rides like this (hiding behind one or both of us), she finally got over it once we rode on "It's a Small World".

One of Ellie's favorite rides:

Ellie at Playhouse Disney (she's cleaning up the confetti...OCD):

Dan and Ellie on one of the rides:

Another of Ellie's favorite rides (Monsters, Inc.):

Isn't this a scary thought?

Have you tried watching your 3D movies from this angle? You should totally try it.

Lovely trick: