Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oprah, we have a problem...

Does anyone know if there is a twelve step program for hoarding?

I've been planning on calling DCFS anyway (Ellie has been putting Bitty Baby in the oven), but now I'm just worried about the living conditions of Ellie's Rose Petal Cottage...

Cousin Photo Shoot

Ellie has been so difficult lately when it comes to photos. She won't smile, look, or even acknowledge the person trying to take her picture. My Aunt Joni wanted to take the girls (Shannon, Ellie and Lucy) to get their pictures taken before she left. I made an appointment at JC Penney's on Saturday.

Ellie did not want to have her pictures taken, it took all I had to get her to JC Penney. When we finally got there she did okay, and actually smiled!! Her top lip did disappear though...

As soon as the photographer asked Shannon to lay on her stomach and told Ellie to sit by her, the mood changed drastically, and ended with Ellie walking out of the studio in true diva fashion!! She refused to come back unless she could do what Shanny was doing. The photographer worked with her, but her pictures turned out more like this...

As you can see, Lucy is now happy, Shanny is being her lovely self, and Ellie is still pulling attitude!!

Shannon cracks me up, she asked if she could have some pictures by herself, and she totally vogued for the camera!!

Ellie is getting her three year old pictures done in a couple of weeks, I hope it goes okay...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Family and the 24th

We've had family out from Arizona, Georgia and Tulsa for the past couple of weeks. It has been fun, but we are now settling into our regularly scheduled program, and not looking forward to the ever looming return of school...

Ellie and Shannon played really well together despite their 4 1/2 year age difference. Shannon liked to tease, and Ellie liked to yell and boss her around...We even tried for Ellie's first sleep over at Grandma GiGi's (that ended by coming home at 12:30 am).

We did the regular festivities on the 24th. We went to the park to watch the parade. Dan, Ellie and I didn't get there until the parade was half over (I'll say it again, we AREN'T morning people). Ellie rode the pony...

Avoided making eye contact with anyone who had a camera...
And then there is Lucy...Don't you just want to squeeze her cheeks?
We also went to the ball park to watch fireworks. It took us 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot when they were over...YUCK!!
It was nice having family visit. Ellie spent most of her time coloring with "shalk" (chalk), playing in the sandbox, and being chased by "Aunt Him" (Aunt Kim).

Rump Shaker

Although I do find this funny now, I don't think it will be that funny when she is a teenager and this becomes a frequent dance move...

What cracks me up the most about her bum shaking is that although she is giving it her best effort to shake that mainly consists of her moving her shoulders!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My grandma got us tickets for the rodeo Tuesday night. It was kind of a hectic day, Dan had a softball game, Lucas was at soccer camp, and my Uncle and Aunt were just flying in from Arizona. I put Ellie down for a late nap thinking that it would put her in a better mood....WRONG!! I didn't realize that three year olds were this moody. I was thinking I was lucky skipping the "terrible twos". She repeatedly said she wanted to go home because she was "sick of the radio".

My mom brought some Tootsie Rolls, after Ellie ate one, Dan and I decided she was truly fit to be at the rodeo!!

And there is my pretty face...yep, I do regret making that face, it is now frozen.
Dan got all dressed up for the night, but I failed to get a picture of him!! He had his cowboy hat and pointy-toed shoes, and he talked like a cowboy the WHOLE night!!

Thanks Grandma, we had a good time!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Panhandling at Grandma and Grandpa's house will get you exactly $54.08....

Ellie got her piggy bank out today, so we decided to count her money. I was thinking that she wouldn't have more than $30 in there, Dan guessed $50. I had no idea she had that much!! Ellie works my parents every time she goes over to their house. She will come out of their room with pockets full of change. Who knew it would all add up? I might start doing the same thing when I come over...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Slings

So, I've found that picking out fabric is my absolute favorite thing about that has left me with TONS of fabric! Since I am still in the beginning stages of sewing I am more than happy to make these slings at cost (price will vary). If anyone is interested, let me is a sampling of some.

Look What I Can Do!!

Wednesday we met up for another craft session at the Quilting Cottage. Our sewing instructor this time was super talented and hilariously funny Haley. The class started at 7 pm, and we didn't get done until 11:40ish. By that time I was getting a bit loopy, and my tummy hurt so bad...remember I've been recovering from being sick. I did finish my apron, with Haley's help (she turned my apron strings right side out for me...that was hard!! And she also made my pocket and the trim, okay, she did all the hard stuff!!). You should check out my seams though...they rock!!

Those in attendance were as follows: Wendi, Meagan, Amberly, Syd, me, and one of Haley's friends...I can't remember her name, but she was fun too!!

When I was making a slings for Kristy (she just had darling, twin boys), I went into a quilt shop, and found awesome fabric. Being the smart, educated (not so much in the logic department though) gal that I am, I thought since I was only making one sling I would need exactly half of what the pattern called didn't even occur to me that I needed it for length...ugh!! So, I went back to the quilt shop, I got the actual amount of fabric needed, and that left me with one yard of one fabric and half of 1 5/8 of the other.

Even though there was canvas that was calling my name (next apron adventure it will be mine!!), I decided to use the snafu sling material, and I really liked how it turned out.

Don't mind the scary smile and the shiny forehead....I turn greasy and scary after 11 pm!! Oh, and it looks as though Amberly may have picked the best photo of her!! :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on my Knee

I went to the doctor's office today, and he said I was doing a good job cleaning out my sore, but he did decided to "dig" the rest of the infection out. Dan had to get the same thing done with his. When I told Dan about it, he said, " you know how I felt." Don't worry, I'm still one up on him, if there were any way to let him know how childbirth/pregnancy felt...we'd be even.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sore Cheeks and a Bum Knee

So why is it that my family NEVER gets sick, but when we do have some type of is something really weird? So, Dan and Ellie just got over MRSA (Meth Resistant Staph...hmm, not quite sure what the "A" stands for, I'm going to say anomaly). Last year, Ellie was diagnosed with Rectal Prolapse. You can read more entries here and here.

Well, this time it was my turn...

On Monday, my knee became swollen underneath my knee cap. It wasn't really sore, and I was thinking it was staph, so I started squeezing it. Nothing came out (sorry, icky, I know!!). I kept messing with it, and by Tuesday it hurt to walk. I called and made an appointment on Wednesday, because me knee was so tender that it hurt when my jeans rubbed against it.

When I got to the doctor's I explained that I thought it was staph, so I didn't shave my legs because I didn't want it to spread (I hate shaving anyway, I just needed an excuse). He couldn't diagnose it as staph because it was so tight that he wouldn't be able to get any infection out of it. He gave me a strong antibiotic, and the nurse gave me a shot to the bum cheek. My whole right side was sore. Then when he came in to give me the diagnosis, my ego became sore. He said I had cellulitis....Insulting right? Um, I'm pretty sure the ONLY place I don't have cellulite on my body would be my knees!! SERIOUSLY, back off at least let me have my KNEES!! So, I left the doctor's with a sore knee, bum, ego, a prescription, and an appointment for the next day.

I went to my appointment yesterday to my regular doctor. I still hadn't shaved my legs, and when I told my doctor about it...he felt them!! I laughed so hard. He decided to treat me for staph. Oh, and I got another shot to the bum...only the other cheek!!

So, here I am with sore cheeks, and a bum knee...

I totally forgot the most important part about the second doctor visit!! Ellie came with me...she was a little apprehensive (and I don't blame her, especially after the three visits we made last month). When the nurse brought in the needle, and I had to bare my bum, I looked over at Ellie, and she had her mouth open and was covering it with her hands (you know the surprised look). As soon as the nurse stuck the needle in, Ellie got off of her chair, and stood next to me and held my hand. A little tear came to my eye, but I'm not sure if it was from Ellie being so sweet (which at times can definitely be rare) or the needle...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Partying Like its Ellie's Birthday...

Ellie's birthday was a pretty long day, it consisted of the pool, opening presents, cake and ice cream, and fireworks (Dan and I decided on her first birthday that we'd do fireworks every year, and it is close enough to the fourth that its possible...).

Dan says that she pulls faces for the camera, because that is what I do, but I beg to differ. The face she is pulling is a face Dan is usually doing!!

Lucy and Leticia came, Lucy was SO funny, she LOVED the pool, and would try to crawl as far into the water as she could. When Leticia would bring her back to the edge, she was kicking her legs trying to get back in the water!! Lucy's first birthday is on the 11th, and I believe her party will be at the same pool!!

Jen brought her three kiddos; Tytan, Chase and Aspen. I was excited to have Jen come, because when it comes to Dan and Ellie usually I'm the third wheel, but I was able to have someone go down the slides with me this year!!

Kaylee and Kyle also came, and they were such big helps with the kids. We couldn't have done it without them!!

Later that night, we opened presents. Nate, Jen, Tytan, Aspen, Lisa, Kaylee, Kyle, Grandma and Grandpa Jessen, Grandma GiGi, Aaron, Leticia, and Lucy were there. Ellie made out like you wouldn't believe...she got a castle, the Rose Petal Cottage, pool toys, a bug habitat (thanks Aaron :P), and a scooter. Now we just need to figure out where to store all the loot!!

Now, I know you're all going to want to special order this cake, but it was a one time deal...OKAY!! I made Ellie a SpongeBob cake...isn't it beautiful!!? :P I thought, how hard is a was hard!! Anyway, this was the best I could do...Ellie loved it though, and that's all that matters...go ahead, make fun of my "mad cake decorating skills"!!

We ended the night with fireworks, and Ellie's good buddy Gracie was able to come watch them with us.
**The night before Ellie's birthday, Ellie and Dan were laying in bed. They were talking about her birthday, and what a fun day it was going to be. They were talking for a while when Ellie told him, "Dan, tomorrow I'm going to be three. I'm going to move out, but don't worry...I'll be back to visit." When did she go from toddler to teenager?**


Little Miss Ellie, it is hard to believe that in three short years, you went from this:

To this:

to this:

and now to this:

We love you Miss Ellie!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bedtime Stories with Ellie

Ellie will insist on reading the same book over and over until she memorizes it. Her latest memorization is Where the Wild Things are it cracks me up to listen to her "read it". I should have cleared my memory before I recorded her, it cut off right before the end.

So, gather the kids here is the first edition of bedtime stories with Ellie!!

Dan also wanted me to mention this:

We went out to eat tonight, and when we were waiting for our food, our waitress brought food to the table next to us. Ellie said (REALLY loud), "We want our food!" Dan and I were so embarrassed, and the tables around us started laughing. Now if anyone knows us, Dan and I are pretty laid back at restaraunts (probably to a fault), we'll wait for our food without saying a word, even when other tables that were seated after us are getting theirs. The waiters will still get a 15% tip too!!

RSL & Fireworks

Dan and I took Ellie to the RSL game Thursday night. We met up with our friend Cam and some of his buddies. I was surprised that Ellie was so good, but I think it was because she was scared of Leo the Lion.

Ellie would cheer when the crowd cheered, and would even yell, "GO RSL!!" She was SO funny. When the game was over they had fireworks. Ellie saw a lot of people going out on the field, so obviously she wanted to do it too. Dan finally gave in, and when we got down there Dan showed his ticket stubs to a girl down there, and she let him through. As usual, I was following behind, and a guy asked to see my pass. I told him my husband had mine. Dan was a couple of yards ahead of me, and the guy kept asking him to stop. Dan kept going until I finally yelled at him to come back.

Apparently we didn't have the pass needed to be on the field. Dan tried for a long time to talk the guy into letting us on the field (I was so glad I wasn't standing by him, I would have been mortified!!). The guy wouldn't budge, so we walked back up to the stands to watch the fireworks. Dan was pretty ticked.

When it was time to go, Dan put Ellie on his shoulders and started hustling to the car. Workers from the stadium lined the sidewalk to make sure none of the game goers walked on or crossed the road. Dan, being ticked off, started walking on the road. A lady tried to grab his arm, and she told him to get back up on the sidewalk. Dan walked around her and said, "Call the cops", and continued to walk on the road. Everyone, but the lady started laughing. Dan continued walking on the road until he got to the car. Ellie told him numerous times to walk on the sidewalk too.

So, when you guys see Ellie disobeying Dan, just remind him that it is his fault...Thanks!! :P

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Park City

Last Saturday we went to Park City to celebrate my birthday. Dan wanted to stop by a little cafe place that had a really good breakfast (we missed it by 30 minutes...OOPS!!). Luckily their lunch menu was tasty too!!

After seeing Amberly's post about the Alpine coaster, we decided that was what we wanted to do too...Ellie insisted on going with Dan (Mr. Dramamine), who claimed afterward that he did get nervous and he put on the brakes at least twice (what a wuss!!). I sped the whole way down. Ellie had the best time ever and said she wanted to stay in Park City forever!!

We then hit up the outlets, Dan and my Grandma gave me some cash to dispose of, and I gladly did it!! While we were in The Gap, Ellie spotted some boxer briefs. Ellie looked at Dan and said, "Cute underwear for you to wear in the shower, Dad!!" As per Dan's Father's Day post, you will know that Dan is a "never nude".

Dan wouldn't let me take any pictures of the two of them, because I'm never in any pictures, but basically I'm the only one that knows how to operate the, here's a picture of Ellie while we were getting the car washed. I don't know why she insists on wearing her glasses upside down...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm IT!!

1. My little family. I love hanging out with Dan and Ellie, even though I am usually the third wheel. Dan is such a good dad and husband, and Ellie does a fantastic job at being cute and a stinker all at the same time...she's amazing I tell you.

2. Water in all forms. The beach, the pool, ice water, etc. Even though I love water, I'm terrified when Ellie is around it...she ruins EVERYTHING!! ;)

3. Chocolate licorice...(top three, you bet!!). I have totally been loving the chocolate licorice, it may be on its way out though, I got a pack today and it didn't taste very good...

1. Water and Ellie. She's pretty cautious, but I am always so scared of her drowning.

2. Getting in a car accident. I cringe at the thought of it.

3. House fire.

Dreadful fears, right? Most of those fears end with thoughts of losing a loved one, and that makes them ten times worse!! :(

1. Finish school (one more year!!!).

2. Be more frugal. I'm trying!! I really need to coupon more, and not buy so many clothes for Ellie (but it is my favorite pass time).

3. Be a better housewife. Although my house isn't filthy, it definitely isn't clean. I need to focus on keeping it clean.

1. Blogging, but that is obvious...right?

2. Shoes. I love shoes!! Seriously.

3. Picking out fabric. I knew sewing would be the end to my budget that I don't have!! I really like picking out fabric for me, but picking out fabric for others totally makes me nervous!!

Tag to: Well, I'm finding that most on my list'o'friends don't appreciate being tagged, so NOBODY...just read and appreciate my list.... :P

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hobo Stick

My mom asked Ellie what she wanted for her birthday, she told her she wanted a "hobo stick". Translation: pogo stick