Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bathing with a three year old...

Thorough back washing

Comments about my big bum, sometimes resulting in, "Oh. my. gosh. mom look at the size of your butt..." (reminiscent of Sir Mix-a-Lot).
Sacrificing a nice hot bath, because said three year old likes cold water.
Gagging because said three year old drinks the bath water.
Tacking on another 30 minutes to the bath.
Discussions on why dad wears his underwear in the tub, and mommy doesn't.
Puddles on the floor, because someone likes to run to their room to get bathtub toys.

Now, where to find a back scrubber?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fair Weather Tofu Eaters...

A couple of months ago Dan had confided in me that he felt like he was eating too much meat. He would stop by Gandolfo's for breakfast, have a meatful lunch, and then he would come home to a meal yet again prepared with meat.

I told him I would start making some vegetarian meals. I've always liked tofu at restaurants (especially PF Changs). Well tonight I actually made tofu (well, the first time making it correctly anyway...). Dan loves curry, and is always talking about how good it is in England. Since we will not be making a trip any time soon, I researched some recipes on line.

Low and behold, I found was super easy to make.

Now how did it taste you ask?


Ellie thought it was some icky chicken (I had to tell her it was something other than tofu, she had already told me she wasn't a fan).

Dan was chowing down, and I was thinking to myself, "He actually likes it...YAY!!" Then I took a it wasn't awful, but tofu really tastes like nothing. I don't like that it is jiggly. I think PF Changs must fry it first (anyone?) to get that chewy texture. Anyhow, I was having a hard time finishing it.

Dan noticed that I stopped...

Dan: You don't like it?

me: Not really.

Dan: Good, that means I don't have to finish it!!

me: I thought you liked it.

Dan: No, I was just trying to be a good husband. Next time will you put chicken in it?

me: Yeah, sure, whatever...

Tomorrow is the last day for this. I even got it to the actual sign up page...I know, I'm a good friend, you can thank me later...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

For Natalie

Ellie's BFF's birthday has come and gone....I've been wanting to make her an apron, but I needed to make one for Ellie first (she gets the crooked pockets and the un-even seams). I found the cutest fabric yesterday, so I made a baby sling and this apron for Natalie...

Here is Ellie modeling it with her messy face and hair, but she gives this apron a thumbs up!!

Natalie, please forgive Ellie for being a bad friend, really it is her mommy's fault!!
By the way, you still have time to do this...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dan!!!

The Top 10 Reasons I love Dan...

10. I love that he is a metrosexual construction worker (who knew they even existed!!?).

9. I love his dimples and his butt chin (I wanted Ellie to have dimples and a butt chin, but that was the ONLY thing of her dad's that she didn't get.).

8. I love watching him play with Ellie, even if he confuses her (Ellie wants to be a daddy when she grows up, because daddies can nurse their babies too, I mean Dan does it!!).

7. I love that he calls me more than once every day just because he is thinking about me.

6. I love that he will occasionally "save" a zit for me (especially when I am in a bad mood.).

5. I love how he dances and sings (he goes all out).

4. I love that he is a deep cleaner (especially since I only surface clean).

3. I love that he is such a hard worker, he is always thinking of ways he can better our lives.

2. I love how he memorizes movies...seriously, he's hilarious!!

1. I love that he owes me (he got a driver and a sand wedge for his birthday)!!

I love you Dan!!

By the way, another thing you could do for Dan on his birthday is this, because after all Zack is one of Dan's golfing buddies...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ellie's Photo Shoot

So, my friend Carrie and her sister Chellese are starting a photography business. Carrie offered to do Ellie's three year old photos, and I was so excited about it (Ellie not so much, but Ellie hates picture taking!!).

Chellese has a cute, little studio set up in her home with lots of fun props. Ellie put up a fight, but they definitely got some cute pictures of her. She wanted to play with the other kids, and would give the occasional "fake smile" in-between a ten minute frump (gotta love those three year olds!!).
CBCG Photography will be holding a launch party next month with awesome deals (and food!!), so stay tuned...especially if you like what you see!!

Can you see that 'tude?

There it is again...

Carrie knows that I am a sucker for black and white!! I don't know how I have lucked out in having such talented friends...hopefully they don't drop me especially since I have nothing to offer!!
What do I have to do to convince you to do this?

TRAX, Discovery Museum and a Bubble Bath

Well, once I convinced Ellie that she had already seen the Handy Manny she was watching we soon left on our ALL day adventure (after stopping by Carrie's to pick up Ellie's three year excited, they're cute!!).

Dan has finally joined the dark side, he is now one with me as far as restaurants go, he is now anti-buffets (I'm still working on politics, but he is an easy to convince "fence sitter"...). We stopped off at Paradise Bakery (our new favorite place)...yummy! Then we caught TRAX to the Children's Discovery Museum.

TRAX was definitely an experience. We sat in the same bus for 39 minutes warning others getting on that their was vomit under the seats. There were a couple of people we missed only to see them putting their feet in the vomit, and then on the chairs (where were my Clorox wipes when I needed them?). I started feeling a little queasy (and thought I might add to the already spread all over the bus vomitness), and we got off at the Temple Square exit, and walked the rest of the way to The Gateway.

The museum was fun, and I liked how they gave children ample opportunities to play, and mimic grown ups. Vygotsky (DR. Byrd, I remembered...are you proud?) would be proud. However, we felt it was a tad bit over priced (and it could have been because we were exhausted when we got there...I guess walking a mile does that to you)...

Ellie loved playing with the balls and the helicopter the most...
Dan looks like a babe in this photo (but I refuse to tell him that because then he'll think he should be flying helicopters...not gonna happen)!!

She was so diligent in gathering her balls...look at that bin!!
Here she is channeling her inner can't have her Zions Bank!! You may have gotten my mom, and me, but you can't have Ellie! She's going to be a "blue doctor that delivers babies"!!
You would not believe the scrub down this girl got today. She's lucky she still has skin!!
Here she is pretending to be Santa (though she does not like Santa even though he brings her toys).
Here she is channeling Grandma GiGi.
You have one week and two days to go here. Just in case it doesn't give you the promotion code (it has been doing that to some people), it is NASC262101. I've also heard that minorities can always register for free...

TV woes for me = computer woes for Ellie...

Ellie was banned from TV last week (worst punishment EVER for me), and I decided to gradually let her get it back this week. I've noticed that she has been so much more grumpy since watching the boob tube. Dan and I planned a fun day today, but we could not get Ellie out of the door, because...yep, you guessed it, her show was on!!

Our conversation went like this...

Me: Ellie, you always get so grumpy when you watch TV. I'm sick of it!!

Ellie: Well, Mom I always get sick of you being on the computer!

Me: Touche (insert asterisk or whatever it is here).

Go here to be some body's hero.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Does your Alarm Clock Sound Like?

Mine sounds and looks like this...

Mind you, this is AFTER she has usually thrown off my blankets, and opened my blinds!! I've never claimed to be a morning person...

Have you gone here yet? You should. Pregnant people (I say that like men can be pregnant :P) can register too, and have I mentioned that it is FREE?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bone Marrow Donation

Okay guys, today is the day... Sorry for those that tried to register early, the site wouldn't let you do it until the seventh. So, it is officially the seventh...Dan and I will be going to this site, and you should too!!

***I just did it, and the promo code DOES work!!***

Happy testing!! Oh, and spread the word, this is a great opportunity to be of service to others (put it on your blog, threaten to avoid family unless they do it, threaten to find new catch my drift)...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kite "Vegetable"

Today we got to go experience the wind in all its glory at the Kite "Vegetable" (Festival). We met up with some of our best buddies, and it was so much fun!!

Ellie, Grace and Laney (Zack and Chantelle's daughters) made kites. It was a fun time had by all...

Ellie and Grace
Ellie threw a fit because she wanted to ride the wave runner...
To help Gracie's dad (and others with Leukemia) for FREE, go here between the 7th and the 22nd of this month.

New Pet

Meet Phylis...she's been hangin' out in our backyard.

Yesterday, Phylis was taken for a ride in a little garbage can to the pond by our house. Dan handled Phylis similar to the way The Crocodile Hunter handled massive snakes (only he wore gloves and didn't tell Phylis she was beautiful), it was hot!! :)

Don't forget to go here tomorrow to register...

Friday, September 5, 2008


So, I'm using all of my resources to get this out, but as some of you know our friend and neighbor was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year. His chemo treatments haven't been as effective as his doctors had hoped. He is now waiting to find a match for bone marrow.

Dan and I were planning on registering to give bone marrow. The cost is normally $56. The kit is includes a cotton swab, and then you send it back to get tested. The reason it is so expensive is because of the extensive research that goes into matching a donor with a recipient, but NASCAR is sponsoring a bone marrow drive September 7-22, which means during this time it is absolutely FREE of cost to you.

You can find a list that would excuse you from donating here, but if you are not on that list, and between the ages of 18-60 I expect you to go to this site any time between the 7-22, and I will be SORELY disappointed in you if you don't, there are NO excuses!!

I mean there are SO many people that are in need of donations, Zack even said himself that you may not be a match for him, but you could be a match to someone else, and they would appreciate it just as much!!

Seriously...I know who checks my blog and when, you better do it!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

TV Strike

Tuesday morning I was doing some cleaning (I organized a cleaning chart for myself...pretty impressive). She asked if she could eat her cereal while she was watching TV. I don't really like having her eat in the living room, but I decided it wasn't that big of a deal.

A couple minutes later I heard Ellie yell something, I thought she said she was done eating...wrong. When I repeated what I thought she said, she yelled back, "I peed!!" I went downstairs, and sure enough she had peed on the floor. I know she is only three, but she has been potty trained since about a month before she turned two...ugh.

I was livid. After I got her in the bath, and dressed. I asked her why she didn't just go to the potty like she usually does. She replied, "My show was on...."

Needless to say the TV has been turned off for the rest of the week!!