Sunday, June 29, 2008

Best Birthday Present EVER!!

We ditched out on church this morning (I know, we're total sinners!!), but I'm not going to put Ellie into nursery unless I know that she is completely over her staph infection...

Well, there was a knock at the door, I yelled at Dan to answer (silly me, he NEVER answers the door)...I heard Ellie say, "Mom, its Greg and Debra!!", to which I was thinking..."yeah right." (Debra is my good friend that moved about 35 minutes North of us in February).

Anyway, I opened the door, and there was Debra...YAY!! She stopped by the house on her way back home from a scrapbooking retreat. She handed over my favorite present (she claims it isn't my present, but I don't want anything else!!).
Now the background behind the photos...Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday!! I love the decorations, trick or treaters, costumes, candy, etc. However, Dan has never liked it, but when he was growing up he wasn't allowed to go trick or treating (bummer, right?). Anyway, I always call him the Halloween scrooge!!

Dan started liking Halloween once we had Ellie, because she got to dress up, and he got to take her from house to house. Well, a couple of years ago we were invited to our first Halloween party. This was Dan's very first time dressing up for Halloween, and I think he finally got the "Halloween bug". Doesn't he look fabulous? I watched Memoirs of a Geisha the night before to make sure I had the makeup aspect right, and Dan had the PERFECT lips for it!! Before we left for the party, we stopped by Greg and Debra's for a photo op.

We won first prize at the party, and after we left we started planning our costume for the next year...unfortunately we didn't make it to that party, but we definitely have ideas "a flowin'" for the years to come!!

Thanks Debra!!

I should also mention that I got a ton of new clothes, and I can't wait to wear them!! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adios to my Last Token of High School...

So, the time has come to say good bye to my 10 year old driver's license photo...I had just renewed my driver's license when Dan asked me to marry him, and I wasn't about to change it!! It has been my running joke that I haven't changed my name yet, because I wanted to make sure our marriage was going to work out first (guess I should have waited on having a kid too!!).

I thought my picture turned out pretty well, and I can't tell you how many times I panicked when I lost my driver's license, because I didn't want to have to get a new photo...I think I even cried once. One time I lost it in the drive thru at my bank, a couple days later it was sent to me in the mail with the name and number of the guy who found it, he wanted "to get together sometime". That was pretty creepy!!

I hate getting pictures taken, and I am definitely not looking forward to my photo shoot at the DMV (I've even been practicing smiles!!). I haven't looked like this picture in a long time, but I don't know that I'll want to look like the one I take tomorrow either...YIKES!! Wish me luck, I don't want to carry around an ugly picture for the next ten years!! Is it normal that I am THIS stressed out!!?

I wish the DMV photographer would at least give me best out of three... :P

Monday, June 23, 2008

Time Saver

In an attempt to free up my time, I added the wonderful blog roll to my blog. I'm hoping that this is an investment that pays off in the end, because it sure took forever for me to get everyone on there!! That's it NO more friends!! :)

Well, as far as the staph infections go...Dan's has healed up quite nicely. Ellie's on the other hand, are awful. Some have dried up, but she has at least five that are still oozing...UGH!! I'm ready for this to be over!! So far, I have not contracted the disease, and we have quarantined ourselves...well except for me, but it is because I just started school this week. I am taking Ellie back to the doctor's tomorrow, I'm afraid she may have to get another one drained...UGH!

Dan went to his softball game tonight, here's hoping he doesn't bring anything else home!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Doctor Visit and Walgreens

Friday night I started panicking because some of Ellie's bumps had become quite large. They still had white heads but you could feel that around them (about the size of a half dollar) were really hard. I called to make an appointment first thing in the morning on Saturday.

When we got there Ellie was bee-bopping around...she had NO idea what was in store!! The doctor said that we would need to drain the infections. I had to hold her down on the examination table, poor Ellie screamed and kicked. It seriously broke my heart. The doctor had to drain four of them. I had Ellie's pants in my hand, and she was trying so hard to get them so she could put them on and go home. I never watched Dan drain his, but he was right...the infection did come out like toothpaste...ICK!!

When the doctor was done, I picked Ellie up, and she just laid her head on my shoulder and cried. She told me to never do that again, and then she said, "that was awful". I agreed.

So, now comes my jerk moment...

Ellie and I went to Walgreens to fill her prescriptions, while we were waiting, I let Ellie push around the cart. I had told her she could pick out some treats. So, as we were walking up one aisle. I heard a lady behind me speaking very loud, and she was slurring her words. I thought, "Great, this lady is totally sloshed, and she is following us!!". I finally understood a little of what she said, she was talking about Ellie, and how cute she was pushing the shopping cart around. I turned back and talked to her for a little bit, then we went down another aisle, and the same lady was there again. She told me that Ellie was beautiful, and asked her name...anyone that knows Ellie knows she won't talk to strangers, it takes all I have to get her to talk to people we actually know!! She said her name, and I couldn't understand what she said, so I repeated what I thought I heard...she corrected me, and said her name was Angela. Then she apologized, and told me that she had been in a horrible car accident that killed her husband, and she was in a coma for a long time. I felt awful, I had judged her according to the way she talked, and I thought she was totally loopy. I told her that I was glad she had made it, and was here. She then told me that I was beautiful, and told me to keep smiling, because if I'm a beautiful person, my daughter would be too.

Anyway, I just realized that everyone has a story, and instead of judging them without even knowing them, you should hear them out.

Oh, and I witnessed a car accident on the way home, an old lady ran a stop sign, she hit into this big guy and his small truck. The lady wasn't going that fast, the truck was, and the guy in the truck got out and was fuming, then when the cops got there he started acting injured (I think he threw out his back when he was throwing his temper tantrum). So they sent the ambulance...there is no doubt in my mind that this man will sue the old lady.

Oh, and quote for the day goes with my post!! "I am free of all prejudices, I hate everyone equally." W.C. Fields

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Staff has Staph (graphic post)

It all started last week when Dan slid into a base while playing softball...this happened last Tuesday, he re-opened his wound the next night playing softball again. On Friday, we noticed he had a large "zit-like" bump on his knee. I said it was infected, my Mom said it was bug bites, and Dan's cousin said it was probably pressure sores from his band-aid. Guess who should be a doctor? ME!!

Anyway, Dan noticed that he was getting more sores, and one of his sores was getting bigger. We are a popping family, and so of course, Dan popped it. On Monday, he explained that the pus came out like toothpaste (graphic sorry). I made him go to instacare on Tuesday. The doctor told Dan he was pretty sure it was staph, but he really didn't do anything, but take a biopsy, and the results were supposed to be back today (still haven't heard from him).

Well today, I noticed Ellie had "zit-like" bumps on the back of her leg, so I decided to call the pediatrician. Dan wasn't going to come with us, but decided last minute that he should come. We got there, I explained to the doctor that Dan was diagnosed with staph. Dr. Valdez looked at Ellie's legs confirmed it was staph, he then looked at Dan's knee and was shocked. Dan had a huge boil on his leg, filled with pus. He was surprised the other doctor didn't drain it. So guess what we got to do? Ellie and I watched while the doctor drained Dan's leg. Dan said it was the most painful thing he has ever done. Dr. Valdez said he popped several pus pockets, and he took another biopsy. He then stuck a whole wad (not even kidding) of sterilized gauze in the hole in Dan's leg.

We felt bad, we didn't take Dan to have Dr. Valdez take care of him, but he seemed to be really excited about it in some sick doctor way. I bet he hasn't been able to work on a boil since his residency. Dan really liked him a lot, he wants to see if Dr. Valdez will be his doctor...I wonder if he would take him, Dan is kind of like a big kid!!

I'll take a picture of it when he gets is painful to look at...OUCH!!
*I should also say that I was terrified of it spreading to those that I've been hanging out with the past week or so, but the doctor said not to worry about it. I know little to nothing about staph, but I guess don't stress.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ellie...The Town Crier

So yesterday while we were at my parent's house, Ellie went out the front door. She was yelling for me to come outside. When I didn't come right away she started yelling louder, "MOM!! MOM!! Come outside and look at this boy!!" I finally got outside and saw a teenage boy walking with his skateboard. When I got out there, the boy was still walking and was on my parent's driveway. Ellie yelled as loud as she could (and I know he was within ear shot), "Look at that boy mom, he's DUMB!! He doesn't have a helmet!!"

Talk about embarrassing, what do I say? "I'm sorry, my daughter and I talk about idiots, like you, who don't wear helmets all the time. The little one hasn't figured out that even though we call you dumb behind your back, it isn't nice to say it to your face."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ellie's Daddy

There is no little girl that loves her daddy more than Ellie. I need to brag about Dan 1) because it is Father's Day and 2) because he is one of the best dads (besides my own) in the world.

I admire Dan so much...he works so hard to be a good provider for our family. He works at a lousy job where he is required to work outside in all kinds of weather, he works long hours, and he works around some pretty trashy guys. Even though he is exhausted when he comes home, the very first thing he does when he walks in the door is that he drops everything and plays with Ellie.

When we are out and about, Ellie only wants Dan to hold her, or Dan to push her. I don't blame her, he will push her around in the shopping cart backwards, and run up and down the aisles. He also lets her ride in the blue, car shopping cart at Macey's.

Dan is so proud of his little girl. When she is finally asleep in her bed at night, I always feel relieved, but Dan ALWAYS mentions that he misses her. During the day, Dan plays everything from shopping to taking care of babies with Ellie. He will entertain her for hours just running around the house.

My favorite thing about Dan is that he will take a bath with Ellie, under one condition...he has to wear underwear (he doesn't want to scar Ellie for life). I call him a never-nude (think Tobias on Arrested Development). Ellie wants to be just like her Dad, I can't tell you how many times she has insisted on taking a bath with her underwear on too.

As sappy as it sounds, and I'm even embarrassed that I am writing this, my heart is so unbelievably full seeing the love that Dan and Ellie have for each other, and I feel so lucky that I get to witness that love every single day.

I love you Dan.

Oh, and from the two of us...18 holes wherever you choose!! You also have a Fantasy Baseball shirt in the mail!!

My Dad

So, it is 12:23 am...officially Father's Day...I love my Dad so much, so I decided I would write 15 things about my awesome Dad.

1. You have NEVER seen a little girl more excited to see her grandpa then Ellie. She has him wrapped around her little finger.

2. When I am visiting, I anxiously await my Dad coming home because I know that Ellie will be busy playing with him until we it is time for us to go home.

3. When I was in college, my Dad would call me at least twice a week just to check on me...I always looked forward to that.

4. My Dad always coached the sport's teams I was on, he even coached Ben's hockey team...even though he has never played hockey.

5. My Dad is the most unselfish person you have ever met. He never wants or needs anything (it is very respectable, unless you are trying to buy him something, then it is just considered annoying).

6. My Dad was brave, and taught me how to drive a stick (I don't think he enjoyed it though).

7. My Dad has written me a couple of letters (like when I got married), I have saved them, and every time I read them, I get teary-eyed.

8. My Dad is the grill master...just ask Dan.

9. My Dad has given me many father's blessings. I am so grateful that I had a worthy priesthood holder in my family growing up.

10. I like to watch my dad play with Ellie. She adores him, and I know he adores her too.

11. It is all my Dad's fault that Ellie is so into potato bugs, he showed her where they were...he's an accomplice to the manslaughter of many, many potato bugs.

12. From the time Ellie was a baby, my dad would take her on walks. To this day, she looks forward to them.

13. My dad always thought we were good kids, my mom thought he was naive...but I think he knew that deep down we were!! :)

14. You know when my Dad is mad or frustrated because he inhales and makes a bit of a hissing out!!

15. I had a hard time waking up in the mornings, my Dad went to drastic measures to get me out of bed. I can think of two...squirt bottle to the face, and slipper throwing...

I love you Dad!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Yep, this is the beginning of a new me. It started with couponing, and now I know how to make a sling (yep, I sewed something!!). It was so much fun, and we have now signed up for an apron making class...any takers?

Suzanne was our SUPER cool sling making expert. She was such a crack up. The only downside was that it felt like we were working in a sweat shop...literally. I'm not going to lie, I had total pit by the time I was done.

I just realized I didn't get a picture of us all outside...bummer! Meagan's sister Wendi and her mom Judith also came.

I tried Ellie out in my sling this morning...apparently it isn't that fun when you can walk, who knew!!?
Thanks Amberly for setting this up, it was SO much fun!!
I just posted this so everyone could see that Ellie loves the sling I made...can't you tell? I made another one today at my Mom's house, and I had to pay her (not my Mom, Ellie) $1 just to get in it!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Don't be Jealous!!

Really, don't. I just got my Blurb book today, I love it!! Just don't be too jealous, because Ellie already ripped a page. Apparently she didn't like that day's entry...

She's so cute...

when she's sleeping!!

I love that she has both of her arms around her babies. Lissy has the shiny face (she's in need of some powder), and Bitty Baby likes to sleep on her belly (don't call CPS).

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Dan ditched us for another Real game, but I'm positive he didn't have near the fun Ellie and I had in our pocket-sized backyard...

Ellie's new favorite thing is playing in the is just her size!! Her favorite thing to do is water the grass. She got a little adventurous and risque tonight and jumped through the sprinkler.

Yep, that's three posts in one night...I have one more, but I'll save it for tomorrow!!

Miniature Golfing

We were going to take Ellie to the Dinosaur Museum, but she was so crabby today, so we decided to somewhere a little closer and cheaper so that if we needed to bail, we could!! We took Ellie to has become a bit of a hole, but Ellie loved it!

When we got to the second hole, there was a large group in front of us...they allowed us to go in front of them, but of course they had to watch us first!! Ellie got a par (without cheating), and they were pretty impressed (really, so were we!!). They said they would be watching for her in ten years (she gets it from her Dad). I really wish they would have stopped watching when it was my turn!! Dan said he loves to do things with me, but I think he actually loves to make fun of me...I'm losing all kinds of self respect. :P

Here is Ellie, cheating...

Oh, and here she is cheating again...

After miniature golf, Ellie was a total bear!! We asked her where she wanted to eat and she said Hickory Dickory Kist (Hickory Kist), but when we got there, she threw a fit!! So, Dan and I decided to go to Bajio. Ellie was screaming in the back...."I don't want to go to BA HA HE O!!" I think she was starving, which may have contributed to her temper tantrum, because once we got there, she ate her burrito and 1/4 of my salad.

Potato Bugs

Anyone who knows Ellie, knows that her life is consumed by potato bugs. This girl can spot them a mile away. She likes to give them rides on her bike, she gives them baths in puddles, she gives them rides in the car, and she has no problems eating with one hand and holding potato bugs in the other (I'm just hoping that she hasn't eaten a couple on accident...EEW!!). Ellie has asked me to hold them a couple of times...not that big of a deal, right? Then she will hand me five!! Have you ever tried to babysit five potato bugs? They scatter all over the place!!

This is how you will know she has spotted one...

When she has one she will usually keep a pretty tight fist, so they won't escape!!

She is starting to be more "catch and release" when she finds potato bugs now, but I am sure she has lost plenty in her carseat.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Terrible Twos? Ha!!

Ellie took a later nap today, which meant that bedtime was REALLY going to be a struggle!! I had to grab her from downstairs to get her to brush her teeth and go potty...she put up a huge fight!! By the time I got her teeth brushed, she was livid!! She ran into her bedroom (with the lights off), and shut the door!! We put a child proof doorknob on the inside of her door a while ago, so since she couldn't get out, and the lights were off...she started screaming!!

Dan and I opened the door, and told her it was time to say prayers. Dan asked if he could say it, but she told him to "don't talk!!". I started saying it, and she said, "NO!! I'm going to say it!!". I told her to go for it, and the little stinker said, "Our dear Heavenly Father...please bless NOBODY!!" Dan and I were shocked, but we started to laugh, that only made her more mad. She then said she hated us!!

Needless to say, I did not lay down to cuddle with her tonight. That made her really upset too. We had a little talk. I told her it was okay to be mad, but we should never be or say mean things to others. She asked for her baby doll, Lissy. I went downstairs to get her, and when I came back to her room. She asked me why I didn't like her. We had another discussion...I laid down and talked to her, and when I was done, she smiled and said. "Mom, you get mad and say you won't lay down with me, but then you always do."

So, there you have it, it is my fault she is naughty!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

She's a Vegetarian

Okay, so not necessarily a vegetarian, but she is rather concerned...

I went to Sam's a couple of days ago with my mom, Ellie was climbing around the meat...I casually told her not to because there was blood on the meat refrigerator. When she asked where the blood came from, I gave her the whole spill about how our meat comes from animals like chickens, cows and pigs. She was pretty upset by it, but I thought she had forgotten about it. Fast forward to today, I was cooking beef and green peppers, and as I was slicing the meat, Ellie said, "Mom, don't!! The animal is bleeding!" I told her the animal was already dead. Then Ellie said, "Mom, the meat said to me, 'Don't eat me, I'm bleeding and it makes me sad that you are going to eat me.'"

Once the meat was no longer red, Ellie chowed down...

And on another note, when Ellie was saying her bedtime prayers...she said pretty much everyone's names, but then she said, "Please bless they won't get hit by a car."