Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You May be Mourning the Death of Michael Jackson, world....

But today, Ellie is having the BEST DAY EVER!!

It actually started the day before her birthday when she received a card in the mail from Great Grandpa and Grandma Jessen with $5...she was in Heaven!! Ellie had mentioned to me that she wanted to decorate the house for her birthday, so Dan got the supplies and together we trashed the house when Ellie was asleep. The reaction was so worth it, we might do it every year!! ;)

Friday, July 3, 2009

18 hours w/no rides at the end...

Well, we made it home!! On the 16th of June, we drove to Tulsa, OK for my cousin Lucas' fare-the-well (then he came out here a week later to enter the MTC....pointless vacation, you say?). We actually had a really good time, and Ellie loves hotels...especially hotels with pools. :)

The first day in Tulsa, we got pedicures. I can't remember if I told the story about the day I had a pedicure for graduation...Long story short, Ellie threw a fit, because I told her she could have one too, the lady painted her toenails, and called it good. As soon as we got outside, Ellie had a meltdown because she wanted to stick her feet in the water too!! Well, she finally got her nails done (I'll have to get the pictures from my mom's camera).

After our nails looked beautimus, we went to the Aquarium where we fed and petted the stingrays, and the turtles (well, we didn't pet them, we wanted to keep our fingers). Ellie also pet a starfish, and held a shark egg...ick.

The next day we went to Philbrook Museum. Philbrook Museum was actually at one time a mansion, it was huge!! Check out the gardens:

Saturday, we met back up with the men-folk (did I mention they went to two Kansas City Royals games?) for lunch and then later went to a farewell party for Lucas where Ellie almost drowned (which has really gotten my butt in gear for survival swimming, but we keep playing phone tag).
Sunday, we listened to a great talk by Lucas. He really will make a great missionary. Then we ate Piroskies, and headed home. Apparently Aaron has posted several sleeping pictures of me on facebook...not cool Aaron, not cool.