Monday, May 31, 2010

Rhys' Crack

What did you think it was going to be? I actually think it would be easier to break a crack addiction than a thumb sucking addiction...that thing is attached!!


I can't remember the last time I went to the Veteran's program at the cemetery. Usually we go afterward to find Grandpa's flag, and look at the beautiful flowers grandma has arranged for his headstone. The program was very nice, and an amazing young boy sang the national anthem and another song (didn't catch the name, Rhys joined in wailing)...wowsers!

When Ellie isn't being a rotten four year old...she can actually be really tender. She was really sad last year when she realize there were babies that had been buried at the cemetery. She was even more sad when she noticed they didn't have flowers. My mom and dad bought about twenty flowers for Ellie and Lucy to distribute to babies in the cemetery. I thought it was really sweet.

Cute Lily always tries to get to Rhys. Apparently she wants to chomp down on those chubby thighs too. He was definitely loving on her though. :)

Then it was time for the great baby switch. I love Rhys' furrowed eyebrows.

Next are some photos from Ellie, photographer extraordinaire. I love photos from her view point. She then started taking pictures of headstones (camera strap and flip flop included). If you see anything "supernatural" in the picture, don't tell me. I might have to avoid the cemetery indefinitely.

Dan would like a disclaimer on this picture...he doesn't have a gut (unless you're looking from Ellie's point of view).

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What the Fluff?

I wasn't really familiar with cloth diapering until I had a friend cloth diaper her daughter about two years ago. It definitely peaked my interest. Once I found out I was pregnant with Rhys, I started researching it a little more. I decided I was going to cloth diaper, and any extra money I had went to buying diapers. Not only do I think cloth diapers are better, I also think they are cuter. :)

I have a variety of cloth diapers in my stash right now as I am still trying to determine what kind works best for our family. Dan prefers velcro, and I prefer snaps. Right now the stash is half and half, but with the free Bumgenius coupons floating around, I may end up with more velcro.

First up is a pocket diaper. This particular diaper is a Fuzzi Bunz. It has an insert that you place between the waterproof fabric, and the fabric that sits up against the baby's bottom. Fuzzi Bunz come in One Size with adjustable snaps (fitting newborn to toddler age) or Perfect Fit (comes in extra small, small, medium and large). Rhys is modeling the Perfect fit size small.

Next is the Bumgenius All-in-One. This diaper doesn't need any inserts, and has velcro closure. This is definitely one of the easiest to adjust from disposable, and you get a free Bumgenius with ever $10 spent on Bumgenius, Flip or Econobum purchases right now...a serious steal!!

Next is a one size Flips (a hybrid diaper). The cover is re-usable, and you really don't need to wash it unless you get poop on it. This diaper comes with inserts that you place inside the diaper, and then you just toss the insert in the wash, and replace with a new one. I currently love these diapers the most at the moment. They are super absorbant, and I've never had a leak with them yet. I actually haven't tried them yet, but this particular diaper comes with disposable inserts...I'm thinking this might be the route I take once I start work again in the fall.

Current Stash:
4 Bumgenius AIO (with four more on the way)
3 Fuzzi Bunz OS
3 Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Fit
1 Flip System (with two more covers and six more inserts on the way)
1 Thirsties AIO
2 Cutiepoops (OS pocket diapers)
2 Dreameze AIO on the way

I have about 1 1/2 days worth of diapers without the diapers on the way. Hopefully when I get the eight more diapers plus inserts, I'll have about 2 1/2 days worth of diapers.

Baby Boom Boom likes his cloth diapers, but isn't a fan of pictures...go figure. :)

And just one more for cuteness sake.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Celebrating Mediocrity

Ellie graduated...from pre-school.
When Ellie grows up, she wants to be a doctor that delivers babies.

Grandma, Grandpa and the recent graduate

Miss Ashley. Miss Ashley gave Ellie the following note:
You can make anyone smile wherever you go. Your smile and laugh are contageous. You are so kind and helpful to everyone around you. I'm so lucky to have been your teacher.
Miss Sanah

Miss Jessica

Josie, Maddi, Ellie, Mia and Miss Sanah
I'm amazed at how quickly this time has flown by. Ellie will be starting kindergarten next year at my school. She has become quite the social butterfly, and on our first day of summer vacation she told me she already missed her friends from pre-school.

Dance Recital

Ellie's dance recital was the week after competition. I finally got the camera to work, so I filmed the winning dance. It just made me wish I filmed the competition instead, they did tons better there (look at me being critical of four year olds...).

Grandma Gigi brought her flowers. By the way, doesn't she look cute in her sailor outfit?

Ellie, Grace and Laney. I think Dan would trade Ellie and Rhys for Laney. Yes, she really is that cute.

Dancing Queen

Ellie had her first dance competition May 15th, and can I just say...they ROCKED it!! They earned first place for their age group. My camera was having issues, so I didn't bring it...but being the lucky sucker I am, my friend Heidi rattled off some pictures of Ellie. She's such a good friend. :) I also stole some pictures from Zack...lucky me, Grace was Ellie's partner during the dance.

Also, brag'll notice that Ellie is front and center. I'd like to say "that's MY girl", however, I was never that great at dancing. My grandma will tell you that I always watched Kellie D. at my dance recitals. That could be the reason I got all teary-eyed...I was SO proud (lame, I know!!).


Dan and I continually joked about Rhys' baby blessing...should Dan do it in baby talk? Maybe he should just break out into Rascal Flatts "My Wish"...I admit I would have been happy with either. :)

He ended up giving Mr. Rhys a wonderful blessing, and if Rhys does end up living even remotely close to the blessings Dan blessed him with...he truly will be a remarkable person.

Dan and I were only slightly rebellious by not bearing our testimonies. We like to live on the wild side. :)

We're grateful for our friends and family that were in attendance, and for those that came to our teeny tiny house.


Ellie adores her brother. I believe the feeling is mutual.

Holy Catch Up, Batman!

Hi, total slacker here. Finished my first year of teaching...I'm going to miss those kids, well...most of them. ;) I'm excited for the summer, but was already disappointed that on the first day of summer vacation, Ellie and I were already bored. I need to find a bunch of activities for that girl. Dan says it is okay to be bored...I'm not convinced.

In other news, I finally made it back to Terra Mia after four months of avoidance. I left an extra nice tip to cover the cleaning of my amniotic fluid from the last time I ate there. :)

Well, tons of updates will included.