Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picture Perfect

So, I think it is fair to say that I enjoy my children more in picture form than in real life form these days. :)

Rhys, although very cute and cuddly, is quite the screamer. He will make it known that I am to do nothing other than be his human pacifier. I'd be lying if I said watching him actually attack a binki didn't make me nervous.

Ellie loves her little brother to pieces. She loves him so much that she can't go a minute with out planting a dozen kisses on him. Sweet, right? Not really. The worst is when I've just put him down, planning to get a few things done. Next thing you know, Ellie will walk out of my bedroom holding him while he is famously screaming!!

Ellie and Rhys recently had their pictures taken by CBCG photography. Chellese turned up the heat, and we stripped Rhys down. I think they turned out so cute, and I'm sure in the near future I will find myself locked in the office looking at these pictures, and thinking my kids sure look sweet, while Ellie is provoking her brother, and her brother is screaming bloody murder. :)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

And The Moral of the Story is (Rhys' birth story)....

Friday night I went to dinner with some friends to a yummy place called Terra Mia. I had been having some tightness and cramping before hand, but nothing that wasn't manageable (I just chalked them up to braxton hicks). I remembered contractions with Ellie were really painful (but I was induced)!!

Anyway, I picked Meagan up at her house, and explained the contractions and everything, but told her I wasn't too worried. We got to Terra Mia, ordered our food, and we all had a really good time visiting with each other.

As the evening was winding down, Meagan suggested (yes, this is all her fault!!) we play a prank on Dan. He was worried about me going to dinner, but figured I knew more about contractions than he did. So, Meagan preyed on his worrying, called him, and said I was in the bathroom because I couldn't decide if my water had broken or if I had peed my pants. Dan said he'd keep the phone by him, called my mom to come over to watch Ellie, and was getting ready to meet us at the hospital.

I told Meagan to call him back and see what name was on the calendar for February 5th, she did. He then asked her if she was kidding, and Meagan could no longer carry on, and admitted she was teasing. He laughed it off, and continued doing what he was doing at home.

Meanwhile at the restaurant (lapsed time is about 10-15 minutes), we had stood up to leave. I started having another annoying contraction, and sat down. Not even kidding, the minute I sat down my water broke. Mind you it wasn't a trickle (probably would have been had we not pranked Dan), by the time I got to the hospital it looked as though I had jumped into a pool.

I was so mortified about leaving the restaurant, that I sat there, dumbfounded. Becky asked for a towel. Amber offered to spill water on me, Angie got the car, and Lacey had to reassure Dan that my water REALLY did break. During all of this, I was laughing so hard...seriously, what are the chances!!? Each time I laughed, more water gushed out, and every time I had a contraction MORE gushed. Then I started getting nervous thinking a waiter would walk by our table and slip in the amniotic fluid...it was AWFUL!!

Finally, I got up the nerve to stand up, and yep...even more, apparently I was packing a large aquarium in my uterus. I only had to get past a couple of tables, so the friends created a human shield, and as soon as the door was opened, I made a mad dash to the car.

Meagan drove me to the hospital, and in perfect timing, Lacey sent me a picture of the now infamous table with a "slippery when wet" sign next to it. Apparently when they told the owner (the very handsome owner who I might have a small crush on) what had happened, he had said to tell me congratulations. Once I got the picture, it gave me the giggles, and Meagan and I laughed the whole way to the hospital.

Once we got there (and after Meagan documented Niagra Falls with a picture), the contractions were a little more intense. Meagan got me a wheelchair and wheeled me up to the third floor, and waited with me until Dan got there. I owe her big time, but I'm doubting she will ever go out to eat with me again!!

Dan arrived between 8:30-8:40. I was busy telling the nurses the story, and seeing him and listening to him tell his side got me laughing again. After all the excitement had leveled, I started to feel some pretty intense contractions. I asked the nurse if I could labor in the tub...I was going to do my best to have this baby natural. She said that was fine, but she needed to check me, and get me hooked up to the IV.

She checked me, and was shocked. She assumed with the way I was carrying on a conversation that I was no more dilated than four centimeters...I was 8 1/2. She sent a nurse to get the on call doctor who was just about to begin a C-section. Not even five minutes later, I was ready to push...the doctor finally walked in, and after two pushes Rhys was born. :) He made his grand appearance at 8:58 pm. We figured we were done before Meagan even made it home.

Rhys had some minor complications: low blood sugar, he had ingested some meconium, and his breathing was wheezy. He spent the first two hours in the nursery getting tests done...poor thing had purple heels by the end of his first night.

Anyway, he is doing really well now (besides his boy parts...ugh). Ellie adores him, and so far he seems to be a pretty mellow kid. We're glad he's here.


7 lbs. 7 oz. 18 1/2 inches long