Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Maternity Shirts,

This isn't a good look for me. You make me want to cry, especially when Ellie says, "I thought that was a stretchy shirt, Mom." *sniff*

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Daily Life...

1. I met with Ellie's preschool teacher a month ago. Ellie is doing fantastic. Apparently she is very social, and likes to tell stories that make the kids in her class laugh (sigh). When we got home I asked her to tell me a story that she told her class...

Ellie: I told them that my mom is going to have a baby, she has a big belly, and it is hairy.

Maybe she'll ask me to come to show & tell...

2. A couple days before Christmas, Ellie fell up the stairs. She killed one of her baby teeth. I'm in mourning. If you see her, and she smiles at you...I swear we brush her teeth religiously!! I feel like a pageant mom. I asked the dentist to paint or bleach it, and they look at me like I have five heads. I'm not entering her in any beauty competitions...I like baby teeth. I cry when my second graders lose their teeth.

Actually the horror of the story is that I saw the teeth coming in...awkward years are up a head...poor girl. I understand the need for flappers.

3. I hate tall, skinny, pregnant ladies. Seriously...must you make us average sized women feel so bad about ourselves? Have a twinkie.

4. As you can tell, no pictures of this pregnant lady are available...the baby is big. I also just noticed when I looked in the mirror, my butt wants to be proportional with my belly. I'm pretty much symmetrical.

5. I stripped down last night (in a totally non-sexual way) and asked Dan to search for stretch marks. He said he didn't see any...if I find some after this baby is born, heads will spin.

6. My 30 year old husband is playing Halo tonight. Let me repeat, he's 30.

7. Since when did Ellie become my buddy? She constantly cuddles with me, sits on my lap, and last night when she came into our room, she put her arm around me, and gave me a kiss. I think Dan is jealous. She's suffocating me.

8. I've officially decided that telling family/friends name choices is a bad idea. Everyone's a critic. As for now we have three names sporadically written on a calendar, whatever day this kiddo is born on will determine his name. Sorry if you don't like it family members, just pretend.

9. Why is it that my maternity clothes are tight in the belly, and too big in the boobs. I mean, I'm finally filling an A cup...that's got to be worth something, right?

10. Last, but not least...I'm investing in cloth diapers. Go ahead, tell me I'm gross and a granola. I've already heard it.

Christmas, No Mas

Anyone notice that as the family gets bigger, more drama arises...ugh. I love Christmas, but it is getting to the point that the smaller the party, the better. :)

We were able to spend some quality time with Uncle Rory, Aunt Joni, and Shannon this year. We had a girl's night in Salt Lake, and we were able to take Shannon and Ellie to Babes in Toyland, and spend the night at Little America. Ellie loved the play, and it might need to be something Dan and I implement with her.

Christmas morning was fabulous...Ellie slept in until 9:30. I love that kid. I can remember my brother waking up at 4 am to sit among his presents. He would wake my little brother and me up too, and as soon as we got Dad would yell for us to go back downstairs. Thanks for nothing Aaron.

Ellie got three more baby dolls...I think our total is now up to 25. She also got a Jack-in-the-Box, and a Snow White Barbie Doll (the three things she asked for), not to mention the plethora of other gifts. The girl was spoiled this year. :)

We did get to chat to Benny. Hard to believe that he'll be coming home in four months!! I miss that kid.