Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We've been given a week...

We had another scary experience yesterday. Ellie had a bm, her rectal prolapse came out, and we couldn't get it back in!!! She kept saying she wasn't finished, and that she had more poopoo. We both ended up screaming and crying out of frustration. Bless her little heart, I think I would have given up going potty a long time ago if I had to deal with the frustrations Ellie has been. She, however, has still been asking to go potty, and hasn't been scared away yet. Dan was working in Spanish Fork, so he dropped by to help, he couldn't get it in either. We called the doctor, and he told us to come right in. I got Ellie dressed, and put her in the carseat...she screamed and screamed because she was in so much pain. Then, when we were almost at the doctor's office she told me her bum was better. I figured that it would have gone in before we got there, that always seems to happen with everything!!!

I ended up taking a picture that I wanted to show the doctor anyway. When we went in, we didn't have Ellie's regular pediatrician, we had Dr. Valdez. Dr. Valdez was very concerned that Ellie had rectal prolapse with all of her bm's. He sent us to get an Xray to show if she was impacted...she wasn't. Ellie was perfect during her Xray, she didn't even move, even though I could tell she was nervous.

I talked with Dr. Valdez for awhile about what we could do, or what might cause this. So the two things we will be doing this weekend is one, taking Ellie to Primary Children's Medical Center to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis (which I really doubt she has), and second I will be giving her a pill that will kill parasites or amoebas. If it is neither Cystic Fibrosis nor a parasite, we will be looking at surgery. I was told that this is possibly something Ellie could grow out of by the time she is five, but with how often it is happening, it isn't likely. If it doesn't end up getting better within a week we will be meeting with a Pediatric Surgeon.

Please keep us in your prayers!!! Pray for a parasite, if it isn't a parasite, pray that it isn't Cystic Fibrosis!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rectal Prolapse?

This is definitely if you don't want to know what is medically happening with Ellie, don't read...

On Friday, Ellie told me she had to go to the potty...I put her on the potty like I normally do, she went poopoo, like she normally does (except I noticed she pushed a little harder than usual). I began to wipe her, and noticed that I wasn't getting it all. I looked down and there was lots of red tissue coming from her bottom. Of course I panicked! I called the doctor's office, and they said the earliest they could get me in was 3:50, which didn't seem like soon enough considering that I had her down on the floor and it was all still hanging there. Anyway, it finally went back inside, so I took the 3:50 appointment.

As soon as the nurse came to get us, Ellie told me she was done, and that she was ready to go home (apparently this visit came too soon after her two year check up). Dr. Bennett told me it happens because of constipation (Ellie already has a high fiber diet, so it kind of surprised me). Anyway, he gave her stool softeners and I was told to give her more fiber.

It has been frustrating, because now every time she has a BM (diarrhea), it comes out. If we can't get it under control the only other option is surgery. So, please pray that this isn't the case.

Here is a medical article.