Sunday, December 20, 2009

"I really like dancing on stage."

Apparently Ellie is a born performer. She had her Christmas Dance recital Thursday. She loves ballet, and looks forward to it every week. She's bummed that she doesn't get to go to dance until the beginning of the year. Dan and I were so proud of her...she's definitely no nonsense when it comes to dancing. :)

She also LOVED putting on makeup, and having her hair done. She told us that she looked just like Belle on Beauty and the Beast.

Here is a snippet of her first dance.

And here is part of her second dance.

Grandma GiGi brought her flowers (don't mind that her mascara smeared...Santa came, and she thought we were going to leave without seeing him).

She would still prefer to admire Santa from afar. Apparently he is welcome to bring her presents, but he can't come in the house. One of her friends from dance class waited in line with her to sit on his lap. I guess a little reassurance from someone your own age helps with fear...who knew?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy, Merry Whatever....

So, I'm behind on pictures...possibly as far back as Ellie's birthday. I've always hated scrapbooking, and I thought I'd be better at this (outlook not so good).

Here's Ellie about six months ago, on her birthday (YIKES!!).
Low key pool party.

I think I already posted her presents, just not pictures.

Family Reunion at the farm.

Only the best waterslide ever.

She actually let me take pictures of her this year...what a difference a year makes.

Ellie wanted to be a scarecrow for Halloween. She is proudly standing by the Jack 'o' Lantern she and Dan made.
Ellie, Grace and Laney before hitting up the neighborhood for candy. Ellie really enjoyed trick or treating this year. Last year she wanted to hand out candy, and she was quite disappointed that we didn't let her go to more houses...well, next year we know. :)
Thanks for indulging me. I now feel fully caught up, and ready to move onto the next post. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hi Blog...

It's me, Katy. I'm sure you've forgotten about me by now...let's just pretend that we skipped November this year (I'm trying to spare your feelings, here). November was uneventful anyway (I think, I didn't write anything down, so I imagine nothing happened...).

I'm already getting the, "So, when are you due?" comments, and, "Wow, you must be having a BIG baby.", and, "You still have a LONG time!!" I don't dare say that I'm actually due (I mean, I think I know) two weeks later than the February 13th I've been telling everyone. Yes, this kid will be 12 lbs....go big or go home. I plan on having a 20 lber, so I can be in the news. These kind of comments have possibly sent me into my anti-socialization mode.

My mom takes pictures of my lovely, lady lumps for Ben (I'm sure he wants to see them), but I try to erase them before I leave her house. Who needs that kind of incriminating evidence?

I still haven't told my second graders that I'm expecting. When they ask if I'm going to have a baby. I just tell them I had a big lunch...possibly a Kindergartner. Yesterday a boy in my class said, "C'mon we already know you're having a baby." to which I said, "Then quit asking me about it, Mr. Know-it-all!!" Was that too harsh?

Four year olds kind of suck rocks. I loved 1-3, but four...ugh. We've been practicing like crazy for the circus. Is four too young to join? It doesn't help that she repeats everything I say, in the same tone I said it when she's mad at me. I tell you what, if she says, "Listen to me when I'm talking to you!!" one more time, I'm gonna lose it!!

Boy names...they suck too. This kid in me, not only is he a tanker, but he is also a mover and a shaker. He often kicks Ellie. I can't wait until he is old enough to pull her hair. I've also taken up snoring. The baby and I work together to make it impossible for Dan to sleep. I snore, and the baby kicks all night (enough to shake the bed). Broken ribs are possibly in my near future.

Dan told me this year that he refuses to take the day after Thanksgiving off next year. He said he works harder that day than he would if he went to work. Everyone knows Christmas goes up the day after Thanksgiving...and if you don't...we need to have a serious chat.

Again, I apologize blog. I'll post pictures of Halloween and such when I find my is probably hiding under my bottom somewhere, but I can't really maneuver myself off the couch to see...