Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't's just Salvia

I LOVE kissing...

Ellie's teacher informed me that Ellie's response to the part in Alexander's No Good, Very Bad Day when Alexander is forced to watch kissing on TV, and he HATES kissing. Ellie very proudly replied in front of her class, "Not me, I LOVE kissing." Help!?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

So Sweet

Rhys is definitely following in his sister's foot steps. He loves balls (also his first word after dad and mom), and babies (possibly his second word). The last couple of nights he points to a "baybay", I'll give it to him, and he'll hug and cuddle the baby doll. He'll even put the baby in his crib before he goes to sleep.

The other night when I put him down, he put his cute, little arm around the doll before falling asleep. It was so tender, and cute.

This is what he looked like today as he was watching his sister play outside with her friends.


Rhys has been so cautious when it comes to walking. He has been standing up in the middle of the floor for the longest time, and anxiously awaits applause. Only recently has he been interested in walking. Still his main mode of transportation is crawling (he's been doing some form of crawling since he was 6 months).

Walking, just another fun stage. :)


Ellie gave tattoos out for Valentine's Day gifts to her class. We had a lot left over. Doesn't she look like she should have a mug shot?

Dan did mention the one on her eye did "kind of look cool".

Ellie loves to share, she wanted to make sure Rhys had some too. She held him down to make sure she applied them on properly.

I should mention, during the month of February, Ellie's class had a letter writing station during centers. One morning I caught Ellie applying makeup...lots of it before school. Usually, I don't let her go to school all dolled up, but I didn't feel like arguing with her that day. At the end of school, Ellie came to my room...pulled out four letters and said, "It worked."

So, there you have it...she's already using her looks to get what she wants. :P

The Second Child Always Gets the Shaft.

I just realized I have no birthday photos of Rhys, so here it goes...

Rhys was actually sick on his date of birth, so we partied a week later. So, his delayed birthday party actually took place on Aaron's birthday.

Can't you see the excitement in his face?

Cute, little Rhys...always one to share.

What a difference a year makes. I love that little boy. :)