Sunday, August 23, 2009

13.1 Miles at 13 Weeks!!

And they still gave me an XS shirt...I almost cried!!

P.S. Sorry about the sweaty under-boob.

P.S.S. Thanks Heidi for documenting the moment in a photo for me. ;)

A Force to be Reckoned with...

Miss Ellie just finished her season of soccer. Dan decided he wanted to go all out (he wanted his little girl to be into sports). I found some shin guards, soccer shorts, and cleats for a fairly decent price. Dan was so proud, and Ellie insisted on wearing her full soccer "get-up" hours before her actual game.

Here are a couple action shots for your viewing pleasure...

This little girl LOVED playing soccer. She was so excited about it, and eve scored two goals in one game. Her drive to actually play was soon lost, in her last four games she was seeking out a friend to hold hands with instead of a goal. I now need to look into dance to keep her busy...any suggestions?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ellie's Primary Talk

Ellie has wanted to give a talk in Primary for the LONGEST time, she's actually been given the assignment twice before, but we were out of town both times. Well, she finally had her chance to shine. I thought she was going to freeze up, but she did fantastic!! She memorized her talk in one day (and created her own spin on it...). I recorded her right after we got home from church. When she practiced at home, she used the squirt bottle for her microphone and set up the chairs for the audience....

This is mainly for Grandpa who missed her talk, because he was in Korea on a business trip.