Thursday, December 27, 2007

Added Music!!!

YAY!!! My iPod is in my car, and I can't remember what songs I like, so I put the few up that I can remember...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bet you wish your hubby was as HOT as mine!!

This picture is from FOREVER long ago, but Tyler and Meagan just emailed it to us. Dan is modeling a very colorful number made up of all MAN made materials (I'm sure). He found this lovely outfit in the women's clothing section while we were on vacation in California with our BESTEST buds (pre-kiddos)!!
He has yet to find out that I am posting it on our blog, and if anyone tells him, they will PAY!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Playing catch up...

Okay, so a lot has happened since my last "long post"...Halloween being one of them!! Ellie was a black cat, a SUPER cute, black cat... We went to a few houses, but her favorite thing to do was give out candy to the trick or treaters. While we were having chilli at Grandma GiGi's house, any time there was a knock at the door...Ellie jumped off the stool, grabbed the bucket of candy, and ran to the door!

Ellie is also in gymnastics...she LOVES it!! She has a teeny tiny crush on her coach...he is really cute with her. We go on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Ellie has also now graduated to a BIG girl bed (pictures to be posted later, she is supposed to be sleeping right now...). She likes it, but she still would prefer to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed (not gonna happen)!
I just finished my first semester in the Elementary Education program (three more to go!!). I'm so glad to finally have a break. I can now focus on keeping my house clean!! Ellie is also acting better, she was pretty rotten for a while (going to school threw her schedule off)...So, this is the latest on us, I'll definitely post more the next couple of weeks!!!

New Template...

I've been wanting to change the template for such a long time, but I am HTML challenged ;)!!! I was steered toward a site that has a bazillion templates, and all you have to do is copy and paste...WOOT WOOT!!! So, the background might change frequently...the only thing I am not too fond of is how it looks like it is sliding over the colors (if that makes sense), but I can't be too isn't like I did it myself!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Family Pictures

On December 1st, we had family pictures! My mom and I were so EXCITED because it had been snowing all day, so we knew it would be beautiful (everyone else complained about it though...). Ellie didn't take a nap that day, she was so excited about the snow, and she was excited that we were getting pictures taken. Needless to say, she was an absolute BEAR (and a complete stinker, as you'll see in one of the photos)!!! We didn't get as many as we hoped, but Meghan (our awesome photographer) said she'd schedule another appointment with us...YAY!!

Here are some of the fun photos!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Grand Ridge, FL

We arrived in Grand Ridge, FL on July 11th around 4 pm (our day started around 3 am), and we were exhausted!! We stayed in a brand, new motel in Grand Ridge for two nights before we left for the beach. We got two beds in our room, because we thought Ellie could sleep in one, and we could sleep in the other. It turns out, the beds were not really queen size more like an inch bigger than a twin. So, I slept with Ellie.

The night we got there Aunt Joyce and Uncle Jack took us to Bay's Seafood. Chip, Laura, Crystal and Jared came too. Bay's fried EVERYTHING!! We even had fried pickles! Dan and Ellie liked them. Grandma GiGi, Tosh and Maggie's flight was delayed, so they didn't end up getting to Grand Ridge until 8 or 9 pm (they came with us to the airport), so unfortunately they missed out on all the fried food.
The next day, we caught up with the rest of our relatives at a party they threw for us at my Mom's cousin's house (Michael). His house was beautiful, and they had a pool and water slide set up outside for the kids. It was a bit rainy and cold, but Ellie still ventured to the slide. She also informed us every time she peed. Oh well, she was next to perfect in every other way when it came to potty training.

We didn't plan a huge birthday bash for Ellie at home, because they were planning on giving her one out there. They got her a birthday cake and some balloons, she was in heaven!! They also had such yummy food. My favorite was Shannon's 24 layer chocolate cake. She even made an extra for us to take to the beach house (needless to say, it didn't last long).

The next day, we left for the beach, and we came back a week later. We stayed in the same motel, and had a couple of problems with bugs, mainly ants. Tosh left a pair of shorts on the floor in their room, and when he put them on again, he felt a tingling sensation all down his legs. His shorts were covered in ants!! As we started looking at our rooms, we had a hard time understanding how the motel had passed inspection. There were LARGE gaps at the top and bottom of all the doors to our rooms. The bathroom faucet fell off in my Mom and Dad's room. We felt bad, the couple that owned it were so nice, but the motel definitely had some issues

We had another big party at Chip's house, a fish fry. Aunt Susie came down for the day, and brought a present for Ellie and Shannon (a Hummel figurine). Ellie had a hard time warming up at first, but she still, to this day talks about ALL the grandmas and grandpas in Florida (Grandma Susie, Millie, and Joyce and Grandpa Mac and Jack). She really started warming up to Aunt Mildred. She loved going to Aunt Mildred's house to see her dog Tiko (he was a really mean dog). She also liked to see the dolls and eggs she had. She loved Aunt Joyce's house because she had goats, but her favorite house was Chip's because he had 4-wheelers. Ellie also loved Laura, because she gave her gummy bears.

We went to Providence Baptist church on Sunday with our family. Everyone was so nice there. I took Ellie to the nursery, and stayed there a while. I got to know the couple over the nursery. They were expecting a baby in a couple of months.

Dan, Ben, Ellie and I left later than everyone else on the 23rd. We wanted Ellie to be able to sleep in, so when we finally left to head back to Tallahassee to catch our flight. We stopped at a Waffle House. I took Ellie back to go to the bathroom, and she was flashing some smiles to a lady as we were walking out. When it was time to pay for our food, our waitress told us it was already taken care of, the lady Ellie had been smiling at, took care of our bill because she thought Ellie was SO cute! You can't beat Southern hospitality!!

On the plane ride home, Ellie made a couple of friends. She talked with the grandma and grandpa behind us, and she made friends with a little boy named Slater. He would come and sit by us for a little bit, and then he and Ellie would run back to sit by his mom and get some treats. It was cute!

We had SO much fun on our family vacation!! I was finally able to introduce Dan to my Aunts, and they all seemed to like him, and they thought Ellie was cute too. Dan wants to try to go out every two years or so, and we are expecting Laura and Crystal to come out to Utah in April to go snowboarding.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ft. Walton Beach

I've put off posting about Florida long enough! I'll do it in two parts, first the beach, and then family...

First off, I was so nervous to take Ellie on the plane. I had seen so many (okay not so many, but two) toddlers who had been kicked off planes. I knew for sure that we would be next. We had an early flight to Atlanta (we left the house at 4:30 am). I thought Ellie would sleep (boy was I wrong). She was SUPER tired, but for the most part she was okay. I thought the "ear popping" would bother her, but she acted like nothing was wrong.

When we arrived in Atlanta, we waited for about an hour to get on a smaller flight to Tallahassee. Ellie fussed a little on this flight, but soon crashed (she was SO tired). We arrived in Tallahassee after 45 minutes, and then drove about 45 minutes to Grand Ridge (Sneads, FL) to see our family (I'll get to this in the next post). We stayed for two days in Grand Ridge, and then headed to the beach.

The beach was a two hour drive from Grand Ridge. We stayed Saturday to Friday. Grandma GiGi paid for three condos. We stayed as a family (Ben, Mom and Dad, and Dan, Ellie and me). Joni, Grandma, Lucas, and Shannon stayed in the other one on our floor, and Tosh and Maggie stayed on the second floor (no one really wanted to stay with them anyway...honeymooners...gag!)

We had a beautiful view from our room! I love the ocean, it is so beautiful. Ellie loved the beach and the pool. I thought she would tire of it, but every day as soon as she awakened, the first thing she wanted to do was go to either the beach or the pool.

I realized that it was a lot different to travel with a child than what it used to be, but I was so grateful that Ellie has grandparents who love her so much, they often took her to play or watched her so Dan and I could do our things too!

We went out to eat about three of the nights we were there, and cooked the rest of the time. Mom, Maggie, Grandma, Joni and I went to the base to get some groceries. We had a couple good laughs, especially when we were told that only Grandma was allowed to drive on the base. We thought of arguing, but the man enforcing it had a really big gun! Grandma was a really good sport!

We were also able to go to church while we were there. Right before we left though, Ellie was jumping off of the couch and hit her chin on the table (it was pretty deep). The ward was a really small, but they were all so friendly! Ellie wanted to go to nursery (but Dan, Ben, and Lucas bolted for the car as soon as sacrament was over).

While we were at the beach we went to an amusement and water park. I'm the type of vacationer who likes to sit on the beach and do nothing, but the occasional waiting in line is okay.

One day, we went to the Big Kahuna. It was fun, but had more kiddie-type rides. Ellie wasn't allowed to go on anything, so it kind of made it a long day at the kiddie pool. Her grandpa ended up taking her for a while. She was so beat and grumpy that she threw a fit and ended up peeing on him. Luckily, he still loves her, I don't know if I would have been able to!

Also another night, Dan, Ben, Tosh, Maggie, Lucas and I went back to the Big Kahuna to ride the Sky Coaster and the Cyclone. I love roller coaster rides, so it was right up my alley. Dan of course had to take his dramamine (he even needed it when he went in the ocean...wuss!).

We took some family pictures on the beach, here are some of our favorites (besides...these are the only proof I have that I was actually in Florida with my family)...I'll also throw in some other pictures, and a little less talking!

We really had such a good time, and realize why it is important to go on family vacations...


Ellie was so excited to see snow today! I'm glad we got the moisture, and I am anxiously awaiting snowboarding season (I got a snowboard, bindings, and boots recently). Today we went to lunch, and when we was snowing like crazy! While we were in the parking lot Ellie was running around like a mad woman! I seriously almost lost her, she dashed for the busy road!

She has been talking about Christmas all day today, and it didn't help when we went to JC Penney, and all the Christmas decorations were out. I can remember (when I worked at Meier and Frank) that I hated putting up Christmas in early November, but Christmas before that is a little EXTREME! It made me feel like I needed to start buying now! I guess it is a good marketing scheme...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House For Sale

Dan and I recently listed our townhome, we have mixed feelings about it, but for the most part are pretty excited! I don't want to have more than two, small children in this home...We have WAY too much stuff with one kid! Anyway, this is our listing, I don't know where we will end up. We've been looking at some homes in our area, as well as some in Springville. We better start to figure this stuff out soon!

Miss Independent...

Ellie has been saying and doing the funniest things lately...

Whenever we are outside crossing the road or in the parking lot, I always tell Ellie to hold my hand. Everytime I tell her to hold my hand now, she looks up at me and says, "I'll hold my own hand.", and she proceeds to hold her own hand...It is amazing, I've been around for twenty-five years, and never thought that was a possibility (hahaha).

From the time she was a baby, we would rock in the rocking chair in her room. I would sing her a song (I never really got THAT into it, I'd be about a sentence into it, and she'd point to her crib), but now as we go into her room to rock, she races me to the rocker, rocks back and forth singing her favorite lullaby (Hap Palmer song below), and climbs into her crib. Who does that?

Anyway, her is a picture of her rocking herself to sleep...She is in her panties, which is a miracle, she usually prefers to sleep in the buff.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Ellie and I have been watching baby Lucy on Thursdays while Leticia is working. Ellie loves baby Lucy, she often helps out by bringing me diapers and wipes, and she even wants to feed Lucy her bottle. Lucy, on the other hand, might not be so fond of Ellie...She will smile at her (Lucy has such a cute smile), but doesn't really like to be held by her. Ellie is also so confident that she thinks she can carry Lucy around. She does so well with her dolls, Lucy should be the same...right?

This is Ellie strolling Lucy around in one of Ellie's baby's strollers...Poor Lucy, she was such a good sport!!

Here is Lucy loving that Ellie is holding her...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Ellie's Favorite Bedtime Song

(Words and Music by Hap Palmer)©Hap-Pal Music, Inc.

Like each flake of snow, floating through the sky
We are all unique, we are all alike
Take a look around, you will see its true
You're a lot like me, I'm a lot like you.

Everybody has eyes, they come in different shapes
Some are brown, some are blue, some are gray or green
Everybody has skin, it comes in many shades
It may be dark, it may be light, or somewhere in between

Everybody lives, everybody breathes
Everybody needs, everybody dreams, everyone is born,and changes through the years
We can laugh and cry, and share our hopes and fears.

We all have a body, any size will do
It may be thick, it may be thin, it could be short or tall
We all have a heart, let it beat with pride
A common bond goes on and on, we're people one and all!

Like each flake of snow, floating through the sky
We are all unique, we are all alike.
Take a look around, you will see it's true
You're a lot like me, I'm a lot like you.

Dan and I were driving home from my parent's house the other night, and Ellie broke out into song! Singing has become her favorite thing to do. Grandma GiGi has a microphone, so Ellie put on a show for us. Every night while I rock her to sleep Ellie asks me to sing the balloon song, which is the above song. I didn't know that she was capable of singing the whole first verse!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Some Good News....

My Dad and I took Ellie up to Primary Children's Medical Center on Friday. She was so funny about it, she kept telling me how excited she was to go to Salt Lake.

While I was registering her for the lab, a lady kept referring to my dad as Ellie' dad, which got me thinking...she thought he was my husband...YUCK!! Anyway, they had tons of toys to play with, and Ellie was actually having a lot of fun in the waiting room. We were told the test would be an hour and a half (I don't think we were planning on it being that long), which really isn't that long to wait when you want to make sure your child is okay.

They definitely have some amazing people working for PCMC, when we went back, a lady named Kim came, and it was her job to be a distraction for what the nurse, Patrick was doing. Patrick put two "bracelets" on each of Ellie's arms, one red and one black. They created electromagnetic waves that we were told would feel like the pins and needles sensation you feel when your feet fall asleep. Ellie was SO good! Kim and Patrick were also so helpful. Kim was blowing bubbles and had some magic wands with lots of colors in them. Ellie answered all of their questions, like how old she was, her favorite color, and what was at Great Grandpa's farm. She even told them about the man made slip and slide we had at the farm when we had the reunion, and that Great Grandpa fell and hit his cabeza. As we were leaving the lab, they let her pick a toy from the toy chest for being so good.

The test to make her sweat lasted five minutes, and then they put a piece of gauze on her arm where the arm was irritated from the electricity. They wrapped the gauze with a long piece of plastic, and then covered that plastic with another long piece of plastic, and then covered them with a purple bracelet (bandage). We were told to let her run around and play for thirty minutes and then to come back to have them removed.

When we went back to have them removed, a nurse named Kyle helped us, Kim also came back with us again. Ellie, yet again, was surprisingly good. We had to wait around another ten to 15 minutes to make sure they had collected enough sweat, and as we were leaving, Ellie headed straight to the toy bin! We told her she already had her toy, so she bounced right out the door without throwing a fit. When we checked back to see if they had enough sweat, they told us we had, and we could go, but as far as the results go...we wouldn't be able to find that out from them, we'd have to hear it from Ellie's pediatrician.

My Dad took us out to eat, Ellie wanted Macaroni and Cheese, I told the waitress (they didn't have any, obviously it wasn't on the menu), she told Ellie that, and Ellie asked if they could buy some! Grandma GiGi and Grandma bend over backwards for her, so she thinks everyone should!

We got home, and I crashed...It had been such an exhausting week! We heard back from the doctors at about 5:30...the test results came back negative! YAY! We never suspected she had it, but it was such good news to know that Cystic Fibrosis was ruled out!

We also have some more good news...the last three bm's that Ellie has had, she hasn't prolapsed! I don't know if it was because we were in a public place, and Heavenly Father knew that I didn't want Ellie to get down on her hands and knees in a public restroom, or if things are starting to get better! The good thing about it not coming back for those three times, is that we can now actually look at it being something she can eventually grow out of instead of resorting to surgery. The only reason she was going to need surgery was because it was happening so frequently that her muscles weren't getting the chance to build up strength

I just want to say that I have gained such a testimony on prayer, and the power of the priesthood. I appreciate all the love and support and prayers that were tossed our way! I know that I felt a lot more calm these last two days, and that was definitely something Dan, Ellie and I needed! Thank you so much for everything! We love you guys!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We've been given a week...

We had another scary experience yesterday. Ellie had a bm, her rectal prolapse came out, and we couldn't get it back in!!! She kept saying she wasn't finished, and that she had more poopoo. We both ended up screaming and crying out of frustration. Bless her little heart, I think I would have given up going potty a long time ago if I had to deal with the frustrations Ellie has been. She, however, has still been asking to go potty, and hasn't been scared away yet. Dan was working in Spanish Fork, so he dropped by to help, he couldn't get it in either. We called the doctor, and he told us to come right in. I got Ellie dressed, and put her in the carseat...she screamed and screamed because she was in so much pain. Then, when we were almost at the doctor's office she told me her bum was better. I figured that it would have gone in before we got there, that always seems to happen with everything!!!

I ended up taking a picture that I wanted to show the doctor anyway. When we went in, we didn't have Ellie's regular pediatrician, we had Dr. Valdez. Dr. Valdez was very concerned that Ellie had rectal prolapse with all of her bm's. He sent us to get an Xray to show if she was impacted...she wasn't. Ellie was perfect during her Xray, she didn't even move, even though I could tell she was nervous.

I talked with Dr. Valdez for awhile about what we could do, or what might cause this. So the two things we will be doing this weekend is one, taking Ellie to Primary Children's Medical Center to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis (which I really doubt she has), and second I will be giving her a pill that will kill parasites or amoebas. If it is neither Cystic Fibrosis nor a parasite, we will be looking at surgery. I was told that this is possibly something Ellie could grow out of by the time she is five, but with how often it is happening, it isn't likely. If it doesn't end up getting better within a week we will be meeting with a Pediatric Surgeon.

Please keep us in your prayers!!! Pray for a parasite, if it isn't a parasite, pray that it isn't Cystic Fibrosis!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rectal Prolapse?

This is definitely if you don't want to know what is medically happening with Ellie, don't read...

On Friday, Ellie told me she had to go to the potty...I put her on the potty like I normally do, she went poopoo, like she normally does (except I noticed she pushed a little harder than usual). I began to wipe her, and noticed that I wasn't getting it all. I looked down and there was lots of red tissue coming from her bottom. Of course I panicked! I called the doctor's office, and they said the earliest they could get me in was 3:50, which didn't seem like soon enough considering that I had her down on the floor and it was all still hanging there. Anyway, it finally went back inside, so I took the 3:50 appointment.

As soon as the nurse came to get us, Ellie told me she was done, and that she was ready to go home (apparently this visit came too soon after her two year check up). Dr. Bennett told me it happens because of constipation (Ellie already has a high fiber diet, so it kind of surprised me). Anyway, he gave her stool softeners and I was told to give her more fiber.

It has been frustrating, because now every time she has a BM (diarrhea), it comes out. If we can't get it under control the only other option is surgery. So, please pray that this isn't the case.

Here is a medical article.

Friday, July 27, 2007

First Injury

Ellie got her first injury while we were in Florida (I'm still working on that post, but it should be up soon). Being the wonderful attentive mother that I am, I left her on the dresser while I went to get a comb and some elastics to do her hair (I should have known better). I heard a thump and a scream, and there was Ellie lying on the floor with her mouth full of blood. She had jumped off the dresser, hit her chin, and bitten her tongue. It was awful and looked awful, but she was more than happy to stick out her tongue at everyone when they asked to see it.

Ellie's Latest Pictures

I took Ellie to get her two-year-old pictures taken at JC Penney...they've really changed their set-up a lot and they have gone digital. I was really happy with the photos, and impressed that they could get some good photos out of my busy body toddler! Here are some of our favorites...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Lucy is here!

Ellie is now a cousin! Baby Lucia Ellen Jessen arrived July 11 around midnight (the day before we left for Florida). She weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz. and was 20 inches long. She is beautiful, has tons of hair and looks like a little Eskimo. We were worried Ellie would be jealous, but so far she has just been territorial. She likes to hold her and give her kisses.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ellie is TWO!!!

My little baby is now a toddler...time has flown by so fast!!! On Saturday we took Ellie to the swimming pool. Her Uncle Aaron and Aunt Leticia (who is nine months pregnant), her cousin Maggie, Grandpa Jessen, and the Van Alfens' came. This was a really fun pool in Provo. They basically had a water playground (and this time of the year, it is a lot better to have a water playground then just a regular one). They also had two really fun slides. We had to drag Ellie out of the park kicking and screaming. She is definitely a water baby. We went through the drive thru at the Wendy's by our house, she told us what she wanted to eat, and then crashed. She didn't get that long of a nap, and was pretty grumpy! Later that night, we had some friends and family over for fireworks. Ellie loves fire, the only thing she wanted for her birthday were candles (here's hoping she won't be a firebug).

Today I attempted to make a ladybug birthday cake...Oh well, at least Ellie knew what it was...We opened presents with her Grandma and Grandpa Jessen, Grandma GiGi, Aaron and Leticia and Uncle Benny. She got so many fun things...clothes, a soccer ball, skates and a helmet, teeny tiny babies, coloring books and crayons, a Tinkerbell chair, and a tricycle. She also got some money from her Great Grandma and Grandpa Jessen (I'm planning on taking her to the store to buy a toy for our plane ride coming up). Before I put her down for bed, I asked her what her favorite present was, and she said her babies. I should have known.

I recently looked back at her pictures throughout the years, and seem to forget that she was once so tiny. She was such a good baby and is such a good toddler. Not a day goes by that I don't laugh at something silly she is doing. She likes to tease, she is definitely her mom and daddy's girl.

Her favorite things right now are going to the blue swings with grandpa, jumping on Grandma GiGi's trampoline, nursery, playing outside, the swim pool, babies, balls, books and baby songs.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Baby is Potty Trained...

Ellie has gone a whole weeek without a diaper, I am afraid she has graduated to big girl status. It all started while I was at school, Grandma GiGi was watching her and told her that if she wanted another treat (which of course she did) she needed to go on the potty. Low and behold, she did!!! I never thought that I would be the type of mother excited over poop, but surprise, surprise...I am. Ellie loves to wear panties! Her grandmas can't believe what an easy baby she has been, and I feel truly fortunate to have her!