Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's for Dinner?


Okay not really. I was cooking chicken noodle soup last night for Ellie, since she requested it (she's had a bothersome cold for a couple of days now). I was cutting up the celery, talking to my mom, and Ellie was stirring the soup.

In a matter of seconds, Ellie lost balance on the bar stool, and fell onto my gas stove top. I quickly picked her up from the stove thinking she might have a little burn, and she would have learned a lesson (she tends to dink around while I am cooking).

Actually, the little chef ended up getting a burn from her elbow to her armpit (and a little one on her wrist), and then she burned her other hand. She screamed and cried for hours. Realizing I did not have the supplies I needed to bandage her burns, I called my mom to see if she could get some for me. I ended up wrapping Ellie in cold rags..she was SO miserable!! Dan told me to blow on her hand, but have you ever tried blowing and talking at the same time? It is practically impossible!! Anyway, I had to stop to talk, and she had the nerve to yell at this at me, "Mom, I didn't say you could stop blowing on my hand, don't you stop unless I tell you to!!" Okay, boss lady.

Once my mom and dad arrive we got her all bandaged, and she carried on without a care in the world, but as soon as they left she was in dire pain again...go figure.

Now that I am gone all day student teaching, I rarely have time to take out the camera while she is awake, but here she is sleeping (with Shaneequa). Her arm actually looks better, but she is going to have a pretty nasty blister on her hand...poor thing. I know it is awful to smirk when your child is in pain, but Dan and I could hear her blowing on her hand as she was trying to go to sleep...we sure do love that girl.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Only the Cutest Baby EVER!!

About two weeks ago (I know, I know...), we went to see my friend Marie's newest addition. I can honestly tell you she has the most beautiful kids (well behaved too), and baby Taniela was no exception.

Doesn't she look great for baby #6?

Ellie could have held him ALL night long!!

Ellie cried when we left, and actually going to see baby Taniela in the first place was the only leverage we could use to ensure she would be good during the day.
Thanks Marie for letting us visit, it really was the highlight of Ellie's year.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

He without Stinky Breath...

So,we skipped out on church today (I swear we're not inactive!! We went two weeks ago, and all three of us went last week, but I left early with Ellie because she was throwing a royal fit!!). Don't tell my bishop...

What was the reason you ask...

Ellie takes pieces of gum out of our pack, and hides them all around the house (in pockets, in cupboards, etc., and it totally drives me crazy). Well, when I found my pack of gum this morning it was empty. Gum is my security blanket.

No big deal, right? Well, it is!! I have a huge fear of having bad breath and carrying on a conversation with a person that is already invading my personal bubble (I think mine is rather large) by sitting next to me. For example, I sat next to a really sweet lady in my ward the last time I went (two weeks ago...I'm not inactive), and she had ultra bad breath, and was mouth breathing all during Relief Society (which then made me want to mouth breath, but what if she was mouth breathing because I had bad breath...vicious cycle, I tell you). I seriously would have stuck Tic Tacs (if I had them on hand)up my nostrils regardless of the stares!!

To make my fear ten times worse, Grandma GiGi treated us to the Olive Garden yesterday. Afterwards, I couldn't kiss Dan without gagging, and he felt the same. Garlic sticks on us for days...(time for a flashback): Growing up my Dad would always come down to kiss us goodbye in the morning. Well on one particular morning (after I had eaten at PF Changs) he came down to kiss me before he left, and he said my room smelled like a Korean elevator (I've never been on one, but I'm guessing it isn't pleasant).

So out of service to our ward family, Dan and I bowed out of church services today, and TRUST me...they're grateful.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleeping Beauties?

Okay, so I wouldn't go THAT far...

This morning I was awakened by a flashing light. Apparently Dan thought Ellie and I looked so darn cute sleeping this morning that he wanted to preserve the moment in a picture. I totally feel famous now that I have had an invasion of privacy and an unflattering photo taken (especially because I usually feel like a paparazzo to my own family). What do you think, is Hollywood a callin'?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ellie's Prayer (after coaching from Dan)...

"Dear Heavenly Father, bless Daddy and Mommy, and please bless that mommy will get pregnant and have a baby in her belly soon..."

Who wants to beat up Dan after me?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hi your youngest fan

So, Ellie is adding new songs to her repertoire, and the latest is Perfect Situation by Weezer. Not only does Ellie love Perfect Situation, she also loves Pork and Beans, Keep Fishing and Troublemaker. She can (and does) sing the entire song, but when she is on camera she throws it all out the window, especially when she is showing off her new eye trick...wait for it!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There is NO such thing as privacy...

So, yesterday Ellie accompanied me at the doctor's office...I've been having some chest pains (if you must are so NOSEY!!). After I met with the doctor, he decided to have me get some lab work done.

First things first, I was told to pee in a cup. I asked the lab technicians if Ellie could wait out by my purse and our coats. They said it would be best if I took her in the bathroom with me. Just for the record, it was a very cozy bathroom with one toilet.

When Ellie and I closed the door to the bathroom, I started writing my name on the infamous, blue cup.

Ellie (in her not quiet voice): Uh, why are you writing on that cup.

Me (trying to be quiet): I need to write my name on it so the nurse knows who it belongs to.

Ellie (as I was getting ready to do my thing): Uh, mom what are you doing with that cup.

Me: The nurse asked me to pee in it so she can test it.

Ellie (laughing): Are you sure, because that's weird?

Me: Yep, pretty sure.

Ellie: You want me to hold it for you?

Me: No, I think I've got it, thanks though...

Ellie: Can I give it to the nurse?

Me: No, just stand there and don't touch ANYTHING!!

Next up, drawing blood...I can't watch (I always faint), and when the nurse started taking my blood Ellie's back was turned to me, when she finally turned around her jaw just about hit the floor, and she quickly turned back around (apparently she isn't a fan of seeing blood either).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Public Apology for Ellie...

Ellie knows there is a designated area for her church snacks in my purse. Usually it is the middle section of my purse that has a zipper. I bought a new purse a couple of days ago with my gift certificate to TJ Maxx (thanks Aaron), and followed the same protocol (snacks in the middle section with the zipper).

However, since it is MY purse, I too like to put the middle section to use for discrete items. Today as Ellie was pulling out her snacks she pulled out a tampon (packaged...not used, just thought I should clarify), and stood up in total disgust, and said (in not a very reverent voice), and pratically waving the tampon in the air above her head, "Mom, why would you put this tampon with my snacks?"

So, red with embarrassment, and trying to stifle Dan's laughing with my reverent "shut up" look, I have now decided I only carry a purse for Ellie's snacks...I guess I will start using a fanny pack for my necessities, because let's be honest my purse is used to hold all of Dan's crap too!!

So, there you go Ellie...SORRY!! I will no longer mix feminine hygiene products with your church snacks.

Curly Locks, Curly Locks...

So, she won't sit still for pigtails, but curlers are a whole 'nother story...

Never mind that she is sporting a 70's hairdo for men, but whatever...
I'm also realizing it is a rare occurrence to catch Ellie with her tongue in her mouth...Maybe she is actually Gene Simmons' child.