Monday, March 31, 2008

I like your panties...

Yesterday, Ellie's little friend Gracie came to church with us (her dad is in the hospital with Leukemia). They were so cute together!! Ellie loved having a friend sit by us at church. When we got home, I was trying to get dinner ready to take to the hospital (a nice fattening meal including cream cheese and butter). Gracie had to go potty, so of course Ellie had to keep her company. As Grace sat on the potty, Ellie sat on the side of the tub. Their conversation went like this:

Ellie: I like your panties, they're cute.

Grace: Thanks, they have a princess on them.

Ellie: I know, I have some just like them.

It was like they were teenagers!! Seriously!!

I also didn't realize what an amazing ward I am in. Gracie's dad (and our good friend and neighbor) had to be admitted to the hospital a lot sooner than they had expected. I felt like I needed to call the ward to get some meals situated for their family, (they have two small girls, and babies and toddlers do not do well in a hospital setting). The ward quickly got meals coordinated, a list for babysitters, and they are also planning on making his room more positive (he'll be there at least four weeks). The ward has also offered to help financially. They are expecting results from his bone marrow biopsy today, and we are hoping and praying that between the bad, worse and devestating news, that it will be bad. So keep positive thoughts going for our friends...they definitely need them.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boys Stink

Really, they do. I'm doing my fieldwork in a third grade class this semester, and I swear every single boy smells like dirt and sweat!! BLECH!! I need some mints to stick up my nose or something....(dry heave).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pictures for my Mom

As I've mentioned, my Mom was sick. She is always so good at cooking dinner, and being a good host (I have a lot to learn). She missed out on the Easter egg hunt, so here are some pictures (major overload...sorry!!)...

Before the shin-dig Ellie put on her leotard, and was showing me some of her "ballet moves"...

Two Plumbing Problems and a Blow Out!!

A lot happened on Easter!!

I was doing the dishes after dinner (I know, Dan's job, but he was still in la la land after the fantasy baseball draft today). I knew better, but I put the baked potatoes down the drain...not long after, the sinks flooded...GRR!! My Dad fixed the drain, yeah...Dan was still reminiscing of the fantasy baseball draft...sigh...

Aaron, Leticia and Lucy also came over for dinner tonight...Lucy has been having constipation issues (bless her heart), and Aaron and Leticia have been giving her prunes (I wasn't aware of how many until tonight)...hence the other plumbing for the blow out...Lucy had a MAJOR blowout it got all over Aaron, all over Leticia, and a little on the couch!! It was BAD!! She did feel better though...Bless Aaron and Leticia's hearts!!

I've Found IT!!!!

I've finally found a dessert I detest!!!

Angel Food Cake!!!

That's right, it is of the DEVIL!!

My mom was sick with the flu today, so we had Easter at my house!! I was totally frazzled (I've never had an important dinner at my house before). I started the the cake as soon as Dan got home from church (Ellie and I didn't stay long, she had some major attituded today). Dan stayed because he was teaching....anyway, back to the story at hand. I put the cake in the oven, put Ellie down for a nap, cleaned a bit...checked on it...totally deflated!! Me, being the sometimes optimist,'ll be okay!! I found a bottle for it to sit upside down on, begged Dan for some help holding it...I tilted it upside down, and the whole cake fell right out of the pan!! Dan was laughing so hard!! I tried to refrain from using some choice words (at least on Dan's behalf...he was the only one edified today *insert rolling of the eyes here*). So, I threw it down the drain...

So, on to round two of the Angel Food Cake (yes, luckly I bought two yesterday...totally did NOT sin today...other than the choice words). Things were looking SO much better, the cake was rising above the pan, cracking, and turning brown just like the directions said it would...then I check on it again...totally deflated YET again!! WTH!!?

I'm quite the fan of dessert, and am quite the dessert maker, but this totally put me in a downer mood!! I will stick to the familiarity of Devil Food Cake!!
For your viewing of the sad little cake...

Friday, March 21, 2008

We Feel Loved.... :)

Close seems as though remaining public may be the popular choice, so I need to check out my options as far as URL and blog name. I am open to ANY and ALL ideas...I will leave the poll up for those who have not voted yet....ROCK the VOTE!!

The current title and URL fit my mood when I started it (I thought I was going to use it more as a vent blog, but it turned into the family blog), so I need some ideas...basically this is YOUR chance to name my blog. The only name I could come up with was, "Weeberday" those who know Dan have probably heard him say this, he says it all funny-like (I want to say "hick-like", but that doesn't seem to be politically correct). Not sure I want that as a title though...


And then as per Kristyn's request, I could put up another ALL know you LOVE the poll!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Possibly Going Private??

I don't know...someone talk me out of it!!

You girls that have stat you get TONS of hits on your blogs? I'm noticing that I am getting hits from lots of foreign that weird? I can't even retrace where they came from...I average about 78 hits a day...sometimes lots more (I can't blame all of those on Meagan while she is feeding Olivia ;) )...

What's your take?

So, place your argument, and I think I'll add a poll (I've wanted one for a while, but had nothing to poll worthy...).

Monday, March 17, 2008

Dryer Tricks

The other day I was trying to do laundry, but that had to wait so Ellie could show me the variety of tricks she had. Think Stuart on MadTV...yeah...just like that!! Only Ellie says "watch this cool trick."

And yes, she has a dirty mug...does it make me still look like a bad mom if I say it is chocolate?

Easter Egg Hunt

My Dad invited Ellie to an Easter egg hunt at his work on Saturday (I don't know why it was called an "egg" hunt, they just threw candy eggs). Anyway, she had LOADS of fun. Uncle Aaron rushed her over to where all the big candy was. Luckily we put Ellie in a coat...I didn't realize how freezing it was!! As you can see she definitely got some yummy treats!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not a typical 2 year old...

Ellie that is.

Tonight we were looking at houses (I don't know why, I don't think ours will sell before the 25th). She kept telling us she was hungry. We asked her where she wanted to wasn't McDonalds, pretty sure she wanted to eat at P.F. Changs.

We actually met up with Tyler, Meagan and Olivia, and we went to the Happy Sumo. When we got home Ellie said, "Tomorrow I want to go to P.F. Changs with Tyler".

Meagan...I think Ellie is trying to steal your man!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sick of SpongeBob

There I said it!! Dan and Ellie (you'll know they are BFFs especially if you saw the puppet show) have been pretending to be Patrick and SpongeBob, so who do I get to be? Squidward. Why can't I at least be Sandy?

TAG...I'm it!!

10 years ago: I was in driver's ed with Francom. I can remember one time on road he grabbed the steering wheel (are they supposed to do that?). I did pass...and I passed the FIRST time!! YAY!!

5 things on my to do list:
1-Read...don't worry nothing fun, textbooks.
2-Write a paper for multicultural education.
3-Give (or beg Dan to give) Ellie a bath.
4-Box up dinner for Dan's lunch tomorrow.
5-Dentist appointment EARLY tomorrow morning (We're watching Lucy early tomorrow too).

5 snacks I enjoy:
1-Cadburry mini eggs (3 for $5 and gone in less than a week, I swear I didn't eat them all ;)).
2-Chocolate covered cinnamon bears...YUMMY!!
3-Chips and Salsa

3 bad habits:
1-I'm a zit picker (I'm not necessarily proud of it, but if I see one on Dan...I can't think of anything other than popping that sucker, and the sad thing is...he knows it!!).
2-I leave my shoes EVERYWHERE except my closet.
3-I'm a hoarder (not a bad one, I don't have boxes piled up in my house or anything, but I do hold onto things for too long). Dan has made a rule that when I buy something new, I have to get rid of three things. I hate that rule.

What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire: I'd buy a bigger home, pay off my debt, and go on a vacation to England with Dan (he served his mission there). I'd also send Dan to school (he's planning on going, but it is tough when we need his income).

5 jobs I've had:
1-The Chillon (I started working there when I was 14, and I worked with Tasha and Marie...YAY!!).
2-Wingers (I worked there my Senior year, and then I also worked there when I lived in St. George).
3-Kiddie Kampus Daycare (I don't know how I survived...I don't really like little kids, especially kids with runny noses...ICK!!).
4-Staples (I worked at the one in St. George for six hours...HATED IT!!).
5-Zions Bank (I worked at the Zions in Logan off of 100 North and Main. I usually worked in the afternoon after school, and I worked in the dungeon. It was the COOLEST! The drive thru was separate from the actual bank, so to get out there we had to go through a tunnel full of spiderwebs.).

5 Places I've lived:
1-Spanish Fork
3-St. George
5-That's it.

5 Places I've been:
5-Las Vegas

5 Things you don't know about me:
1-A moth the size of my hand once landed on my lap at the SF rodeo, it was furry and gross...BLECH!!
2-I have over 50 pairs of shoes, yet I probably only wear five different pairs.
3-I have one single hair on my back that keeps growing back no matter how many times I pluck it (I know gross).
4-I have a tattoo, but I might get it removed. (I don't want to hear "I told you so" Mom).
5-I'm addicted to reality shows...Let's hear it for The Hills (I know it is scripted, but I really don't like Heidi and Spencer, and have you seen her music video?).

Tag to whomever wants to do it next, but from my blog stalking it looks like a lot of people have already done it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Skater Girl...

So, Dan thought he was going to be taking his old skateboard to the DI...not any more!! Ellie dragged it out, and started playing with it. She always messes around on her Uncle Benny's longboard, but I think she likes the skateboard more.

Dan and I were cracking up, because I asked her to quit picking it up. She was walking around with it, and hitting the doors and the walls. Finally, I said, "Ellie, I'm going to have to put it up if you don't leave it on the ground." She replied, "MOM, the boys carry their skateboards around like this, so I'm going to do it too!!"

She's so determined too. Dan showed her a couple of tricks on it today at my parent's house, and she said she wasn't leaving until she "flipped the board like daddy".

Windy days are good for...

flying kites!!!

We met up with Tyler, Meagan, Olivia and their nephews for some kite flying today. Dan was especially excited because he got Ellie a kite for her birthday, and today was its first flight!! Once Dan got it up, Ellie took charge, and she did pretty well. You would think she would have gotten it stuck in the tree, but NOPE...leave that to Dan!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

For your Entertainment

First, go to my music list, and pause the need to hear this!!

Just to set the stage, Ellie started singing "I am a Child of God" as I was putting her down for her nap. I thought it was so funny, mainly because she changes a couple of the words. Such as, "he has given me lots of wonderful things, with parents kind and strong..."

This "take" was especially funny, because she strategically maneuvered herself out of bed, and closer to the door. She did happen to stop to give me a puppet show before she darted out of her bedroom.

The next video is of the puppet show Ellie and Dan put on for me the night before.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting Summer

I've been going through the pictures of last summer, and I CAN'T wait for it to get here and soon!! Ellie and I spent almost every day at the pool, she is such a water baby...

I just keep thinking...six more weeks and I'm done with school (well until Fall).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What kind of dreams do you have when you go to bed late?

Apparently, it consists of Bret Michaels, beer, and beards...

Last night I had a dream that I was a contestant on Rock of Love II. I was one of those skanky girls trying to win over Bret Michaels. Anyway, in my dream...a girl I go to school with was also on the show, and we were BITTER rivals. Apparently she was taking some kind of medication that made her allergic to cotton, and apparently mixed with alcohol it is ten times worse. Anyway, I got her drunk, and I sent her out to the field to pick cotton. Well, the next morning she had a full-blown beard!!

Ya gotta love dreams!!

And, yes...I just added a picture for all you "Rock of Love...huh?" people.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ellie scolded me...

Ellie was "pretend" painting my toenails when I accidentally knocked the "pretend" bottle of nail polish over. She said..."MOM!! That toenail polish is EXPENSIVE!!"


Monday, March 3, 2008

Who is coming to Grandma's house?

After I had read Ellie her bedtime stories, I laid down by her and we had the following conversation...

"What did you do at Grandma's today?"

"I watched SpongeBob."

"Was that all?"

"No, we cleaned the house too..."


"Because someone was coming over to look at the house."


"I dunno Jesus or something."

I had to laugh!! Whenever we were asked to clean the house growing up, my mom would say, "Let's clean like Jesus is coming over."

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Can CARVE!!!

We went night boarding today with Derek, Tyler, Kyle, and Jake (one of Derek's brother-in-laws). First of all, it was a blizzard!! As we were driving up, the wind was blowing the storm in, and then it started raining. Dan and I thought about not going.

It was pretty crappy up there, it was windy and snowy...YUCK!! Kyle and Tyler are beginners, so they were nice enough to hang out with me. Kyle had me laughing though, because when he crashed it wasn't a little was huge, it was almost like a mini blizzard. They were both pretty aggressive snowboarders, especially for just beginning! "good news minute" (don't worry I won't be sharing it in relief society)...I FINALLY figured out how to carve!! I was trying to show Dan as he was waiting at the lift, and of course I crashed a couple times (he makes me nervous), so as I was trying to show him my "stuff"...he was impatiently waiting. He told me he kept thinking..."Quit crashing...I'm cold, just get down here!!" Not only was he whining about me hurrying down, he and Tyler were sissies, and didn't go down another run with Kyle and me! Who's tough now...ME!!

So, anyway...YAY for me!!

And for picture's are my wonderful socks...they made my feet feel like they were at the beach in July, while my face froze in let's say...Alaska!! I swear, I could've snapped my hair in half if I tried!!