Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cuddling with Ellie is the BEST!!

for the following reasons...

1-She has some type of fascination with my hair (the other night I was getting ready to leave, and she told me to wait because she hadn't rubbed my hair yet).

2-She always takes a big whiff of my cheek (she says I smell like Jell-O).

3-She wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a million kisses.

4-She tells me I am the best mother "EVA" (if you knew how Ellie talked, you would understand that I can't write "ever")!!

5-When I tell her I love her even though she eats her boogers, she tells me she loves me even though I always get mad.

6-She likes to tell me funny stories while her cheek is next to my cheek, and then we laugh together.

7-She tells me she loves me all the way to Natalie's (and that is at least 45 minutes away...which means she loves me a lot!!).

8-If I tickle her arms, she tickles mine.

9-Every night she asks if she can sleep in my bed when her bum gets dry...

10-Cuddling starts all over again in my bed at 4 am.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

So, This is Christmas...

We hope Santa found your houses this year...he found ours with a little help from our magic reindeer food, of course (oats and sparkles)....

As some might know, all Ellie wanted for Christmas was a baby sister...although that wasn't a possibility this year, Santa did some last minute shopping and found her this:

Ellie got a motion sensored baby and all new baby gear.

Not only did Ellie get her motion sensored baby doll, but she also got a swimming baby, and the "black baby in Grandma and Grandpa's closet" (yes, somebody found a couple of her presents a little too early).

Photo of Shaneequa and Crystal taken by photographer extrodinaire...Ellie. Crystal was my baby when I was a little girl.
On top of the babies Santa gave her, Ellie got a doctor kit from Grandma and Grandpa and doctor dress up from Mom and Dad...

Grandma GiGi gave her Little Lady Lingerie (don't worry, more on this later) and jumping shoes (I've tried them out, and they are fun!!). Ellie also got oodles of new clothes and shoes (she is growing like a weed!!).

Dan got some new golf clubs (2006 Callaways), and Ellie picked out these new pajamas for him (even though I wanted to get him some more long sleeved shirts)...

As for me, I got a ton of new clothes and shoes for student teaching (no turtlenecks...I will not be called Velma again...).

We hope you all had a great Christmas. Dan and I reflected a lot this year, and we feel truly fortunate to have our health, family, friends and each other. We are grateful for our Savior and the many blessings we have received by being members of the LDS faith.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rudolph the Red Hot Reindeer...

Since Ellie took to painting ornaments so well at the farm, I decided our new tradition would be to have Ellie paint a new craft every year. She did so well, we might have her make them for neighborhood gifts next year (hopefully that doesn't violate any child labor laws...).

So without further ado, I introduce you to Rudolph the Red Hot Reindeer....

He enjoys chillin' with the Holy family...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shannie's Christmas Party

So, yes this was two weeks ago, but I needed to post the pictures of the girls in their "Santa's Little Helper" jammies...

Shannon never gets to be here for Christmas, so since she was here the first part of the month Grandma GiGi decided to throw her a Christmas party. Ellie LOVES parties, and Shannon, so it was a hit for that little three year old of mine..

After the girls changed into their jammies, my Dad read them the story of the first Christmas...

Check out Ellie's hand...isn't that so cute? She had her arm around Shannie the ENTIRE story!!

Lucy was so cute. Grandma GiGi has a dancing/singing Santa, and Lucy grooved to it all night, hip shaking and ALL.
Thanks Grandma for the fun night, and the cute pajamas!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ellie might need a hug Christmas morning...

That little girl of mine wants a baby sister for Christmas. She's even tried to buy the baby things for Christmas!! I've tried to talk her out of wanting one (they poop, cry, etc.), but it seems to make her want one EVEN more!! She even told me that if the baby wakes up and I'm sleeping she'll take the baby downstairs to feed her a bottle. She has even told her gymnastic coach and nursery teachers that I am going to have a baby (can you believe her?).

Poor Ellie.

She's desperate, she even discussed options with Dan. I was flipping through channels, and I happend to stop on the "pregnant man" story on Discovery. Ellie's jaw hit the floor. A couple days later she had this conversation with Dan:

Ellie: Hey Dad, if mommy doesn't want to have a baby you can.

Dan: No, I can't. Guys can't have babies.

Ellie: Uh...yeah they can, I saw it on TV.

And she DID!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our "go to" Guy

Everyone needs one, right?

Introducing Tommy....

Tommy is our magical, Christmas Elf. Each night he flies home to tell Santa the good and the bad things Ellie has done throughout the day. He flies back early in the morning, and finds a new spot to observe from for the day.

You'll never believe where we found him Sunday morning...

When Ellie got up in the morning, she stopped at the stairs and started giggling. She yelled for Dan, and said, "Look Dad, look at Tommy!! I told you he was magic!!"
We love waking up in the morning to find him...we will definitely miss him when Christmas is over!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shannie and Temple Square...

Good news, Shannie is visiting from Tulsa!! Shannon is 4 1/2 years older than Ellie (but Ellie thinks they are the same age). Ellie loves playing with Shannon, and has cried EVERY night she has to leave her to go home.

Friday night we went to Temple Square to see the lights. Ellie refused to hold anyone's hand but Shannon's (and sometimes Grandma GiGi's).

Apparently we aren't as fun to take pictures with...who knew!!?

Warming up by the fire.

Just when I was thinking she was getting tired (she finally let someone hold her), I tried to catch her with her eyes closed, but instead she gave me this!!

Here are Shannie and Ellie licking the giant gingerbread house at Little America.

Beauty Sleep

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa was MIA

Our family Christmas party was held today at the farm. Ellie was able to breathe a sigh of relief since Santa was not going to be in attendance this year. Bless Santa's heart. Who knew that "Ho Ho Hoing", and jingling a bell would bring the kids to tears (not happy tears....FEAR tears!!). Dan thought he was taking pictures, but instead he took a three second video clip...just long enough to hear Ellie shriek!!

This year we did arts and crafts. Ellie painted this lovely mitten black with sparkles (she is far more into the stylish Christmas...not so much cutsie). Ellie painted the mitten for great grandma's tree.

Then after the party, Ellie and Jeff (Ellie's new boyfriend, she giggles when you mention his name) practiced their part for the circus...they're getting better. I'm a little worried about the tight rope...
Excuse my voice and Dan's loud burp.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun party!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let's Preserve the Moment in Pictures...

You know how some times you get that idea, like hey, I can do that myself...

Well, Dan had a really good experience getting Ellie ready one day before we went out to eat. You see, Ellie hates getting dressed, she hates wearing hats, but most of all if you put something like a shirt over her head she can't see the TV. Except for this night, Ellie let Dan get her dressed. She didn't fight it or scream, and best of all she wore this hat:

My grandma's neighbor made it just for her, and even though I had tried multiple times to get her to wear it, I was never successful.

So, I thought to myself, let's take a family picture by the tree. Great idea right? Well, I guess it is a great idea unless you are a camera. I set it on the timer, and this is what it gave us...

Now it is obvious, when it comes to family pictures, we need professional help.

Festival of Lights...I think NOT!!

Last night I had an awful migraine, I think the stress of all the work I need to hand in for school, the commercial side of Christmas, and being on the computer hit me all in one night. I was so ready to hit the sack, but when I got to my room I realized it wasn't dark enough.

For some reason my neighbohood equates Christmas lights to the flashing lights of Vegas. Yes, my little neighborhood definitely lights up the night sky. I was complaining to Dan while I had my head under the covers (it was much darker under there). Then Dan looked out the window and asked if our lights were on...what was he thinking? Of course they weren't, it was just our inconsiderate neighbors. Dan ran downstairs, and sure enough, we were the inconsiderate jerks in the neighborhood!!

I think I need to live on a farm, neighbors just aren't my thing. Dan stocked this place last week, we were thinking of going for our anniversary, but maybe we'll just live there...

Has anyone noticed the bear is not bare, I guess you can still wear chaps...anyone want to join us? Dan said they have a pool with a slide (that makes me hurt just thinking about it). I also wonder if it is year round, I think it would be quite cold...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Photo Tag

This is the fourth photo from my fourth album.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today's Ellie-ism

Ellie and I had this discussion at bedtime:

Ellie: How come you get to stay up, and I can't?

Me: Because I'm an adult.

Ellie: Well, I just really want to be an adult.

Me: Just enjoy being a kid, you'll grow up fast enough.

Ellie: So, maybe when I'm six I can be an adult?

Me: Try 26.

Ellie: Whatever mom (as she rolls her eyes...who taught her that? I'm not looking forward to the teenage years.). When my bum is dry can I sleep in your bed?

Me: Sorry, only two adults maximum in a bed (well, at least in my house).

Ellie: I'm just kidding mom, I'm only a little girl. Can I sleep in your bed when my bum is dry?

Monday, November 17, 2008


Usually I do fairly well at keeping my blog updated (let's be honest I do better than most of you...I have to at least update it once a week!!), and still I am not doing too shabby, but I need to hurry and get these Ellie-isms out before I forget them!!

Dan (who I guess pretty much wants another baby), informed Ellie that mommy and daddy could make her a baby brother or sister if she wanted us to....uh, yeah...I don't even let Dan have input on that (obviously). Anyway, while I have been teaching my family has been helping take Ellie (they are so HELPFUL!!). My dad was watching Ellie, and they apparently had this conversation:

Ellie: Grandpa, I want a baby sister.

My Dad: You do?

Ellie: Yeah, did you know that my dad and I can make one if we want to?

Good thing she told my dad, he won't call CPS on us...

Today, I took down Halloween (get off my back, I've been busy!!). When I informed Ellie on what I was doing she said, "Oh, great....now our house is going to be boring again!!"

A couple of weeks ago, we had game night with some friends. Our house was a disaster, but luckily I had this multi-tasking girl...

I would say she will make a man happy some day, but I think that is sexist!! Besides, she is planning on being a blue (blue is her FAVORITE color, you know) doctor that delivers babies. Hopefully she finds a husband who is a GREAT housekeeper.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Offended.

My first grade bully told me I looked like Velma from Scooby Doo.

When I told certain family members about it, they laughed. My family is mean to me. Dan said, "At least she (as in Velma) is smart." Yeah, who wants to be pretty and dumb anyway?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Next Time, I'll go by MYSELF!!

Yesterday I got home a little late from school. Dan had gotten off early (nice to have him home, sucks because of a smaller paycheck). Anyway, we were in dire need of some groceries (WHAT!!? I've been busy.), so I suggested that Dan and Ellie join me at the grocery store.

Now when just Ellie and I go to the store, I refuse to use these stupid shopping carts:

Ellie knows and respects my wishes, but Dan...well he's a sucker. Dan runs Ellie up and down the aisles in these carts, she loves it. I really shouldn't question why she prefers her dad, should I? Anyway, back to the story at hand...

Ellie was whining (three year olds are the best, aren't they?), in her defense she was out late sans nap. She didn't want to be in the blue cart anymore, so I let her out. Dan and Ellie decided to play tag around the store which left me with this BIG, DAMN shopping cart!! I don't even know how to manuever these things. So, there I was at Macey's trying to get in-between the aisles without making sharp turns. I was sweating profusely, cussing under my breath, and getting weird looks, because I was pushing around this STUPID cart with no kid in it!!

Mark my words, this will NEVER happen again!! Forget about spending time with the family, I will enjoy my time by myself when I go shopping.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Can you say blunt?

Ellie and I were watching E! this morning (yes, we skipped church). A Pro-Active commercial came on...

Ellie: That stuff is for zits.

me: Yep.

Ellie: You need some of that stuff.

me: Thanks, no more TV. Go clean your room.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Interesting book?

Lately I have been prying books from Ellie's hands at night, tonight was no different. I missed her today. I just started my field work, and I am gone from 8-4 Monday through Friday. I didn't realize what a privilege it is to stay home. Hopefully we can play our cards right so that I won't always be a working mom.

Spousal Abuse?

I really wanted my steak grilled, even if it was raining...

This face means, "I love you. You are a good wife, and I don't mind cooking you a yummy steak in the cold."

And here is cute Ellie. I should mention that Dan used a stick (in between the sliding glass doors) to keep Ellie and me from coming outside to "bug" him, that wasn't very nice.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, Halloween...what does it mean?

This year we did a little last minute Halloween dress up. We had originally planned on dressing up as each other, but later decided to be The Beckhams. Doesn't Dan make a beautiful Posh? Here we are at Shaun and Maren's Halloween par-tay...

You can't see his whole get up, but he is wearing leggings and high heeled shoes (that he practically wore the WHOLE night!!). He is actually lucky that after I saw him dancing around in my leggings (before the party) that I didn't require that we go as ballet dancers instead (hmm...maybe next year). Probably the most offensive thing of the night was that he was constantly getting compliments on his outfit (my outfit) now I don't know that I could wear it and feel that I do it justice. By the way did you know you can't cross dress at BYU for Halloween? LAME!!

Okay, enough about us...here is the real reason for Halloween at our house (or so we thought)...
Ellie had the most DARLING witch costume. She is wearing a skirt that lit up, and a witch hat with a veil. Really it was cute. As soon as I had her dressed, she swiftly undressed again. She didn't fancy trick or treating, but she did like handing out treats, and haunted houses (she definitely didn't get that from me!!).

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Imaginary Spankings

When I find that Teeny Tiny Baby...she's going to get a spanking!! Look what she did to Ellie when she was trying to do her homework!! Man, I hate other people's kids...

When I threatened to give Teeny Tiny Baby a spanking, Ellie said, "Oh, mom it was just me...I was kidding. SHEESH!"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And We Were SCARED!!

Okay, so we really weren't...I have to admit that I didn't even notice that the "Frankenstein monster" Ellie had colored was hanging above the bed when I got up this morning. Oh well, Dan tried.

Now, I've mentioned that Dan hates Halloween, and I LOVE it (minus scary shows and Haunted Houses). Really, I hope our marriage works out, I'd hate to get divorced over this!! :P

The history behind Dan despising Halloween is this: Dan was not allowed to go Trick or Treating when he was younger. His family didn't celebrate Halloween at all, well except that ONE time...

Dan doesn't really remember how old he was, but he was home with his siblings one Halloween night. His parents left the kids at home, and while they were gone, Dan and his two older brothers Eric and Kimball decided that they were going to get some Halloween candy.

It is amazing how they worked together, and actually really touching. Eric and Dan designated Kimball to go (instead of fighting about it, heart strings already, right? Wouldn't you think they would argue about WHO would get to go?). Kimball didn't have a costume, and didn't want to go without one, so Dan and Eric scrambled to make him one. They used a football helmet and plastic garbage bags. Kimball went out the back door, jumped the padlocked fence, and went Trick or Treating in the neighborhood while Dan and Eric watched him from their little sister's room, cheering the WHOLE time!!

When Kimball got home he dumped out his pillowcase, and divided the candy evenly among all the siblings. Isn't that sweet? Really, it is one of those stories that make you laugh and cry...I know I did!!

Anyway, that was Dan's happiest Halloween EVER...The End.

Luckily we have some great friends that celebrate, and we are looking forward to the party Halloween night, and yes, we are dressing up...TBA.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sometimes I feel like a bad mom...

I've been asked on several occasions when I'm going to "pop" out another kid. In so many words, it isn't that I don't want more kids (even though I constantly joke about only being a good mom to one...we all know our limits, right?), I just feel that I'm neglecting Ellie by going to school, and then I am going to teach the next year...if I add another kid on top of that I feel that we will be in therapy by the time she is 16.

or now?

Ellie has an imaginary friend, Teeny Tiny Baby. I'm really not a huge fan of the little one. She constantly complains, she never sits in her carseat, she has been known to jump into Ellie's mouth on occasion, and I have sat on her before. In my defense, it is hard when they are little, and don't exist!!

Even though my teacher (okay, actually professor) told me that imaginary friends are a sign of creativity and intelligence (I told you she was a genius), Teeny Tiny Baby didn't really appear until I started getting busier with school. What breaks my heart more is when Ellie is doing her "homework", and she tells Teeny Tiny Baby to leave her alone, because she is busy (Do I really say that?).

I start field next week, and even though I am excited to get going on it, I'm also nervous. I've never left Ellie with anyone, but family (and Meagan's cute sister Maddie for an hour on Wednesdays). I know she'll be in good hands, I am just realizing what a change this is going to be for us. I'm looking forward to her social interactions with other kids, but I will miss our daily interactions (she is at her best when she first wakes up in the morning). Who knew that I would like being a stay at home mom, even though I really don't like little kids that much? I guess it is different when you have your own...

Anyway, I didn't mean to turn it into a blubbering post...I hate school.

I do love this though...

and this...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I was awarded for being nosey, and you can be too...

You can only honor five people with this award...the first four are dedicated to being a reader of your blog. The fifth is an out of state (or country)...Jessica honored me with this award, and it really touched me...

Jessica, my blogging buddy, highschool friend, old co-worker, and Dan's ex-girlfriend, (what I can adore Dan's exes!!) gave me an award for being a good and faithful blog stalker...what can I say, it takes time, effort and nosiness (I thought I made up a word, apparently it isn't, and it is spelled correctly). I would like to thank my babysitter...Spongebob (what mom did you think it was going to be you?), without you I would never be able to stalk nearly as many blogs...

My awards go to...

Kristy: Kristy may be my favorite cousin of Dan's, why you ask? When I was searching high and low for my Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses, Kristy noticed (not that I didn't dedicate my blog to the searching for them or anything...), and she left me a message (two weeks ago) saying she had two bags with my name on them. I shed a tear. Now, you all probably thought I jumped on the chance to get those sent to me (I kind of actually forgot about them), but I didn't. I still wanted to find them for myself. Yesterday I posted another little something about them. Kristy texted me, and asked for my address. Kristy is a good friend, I would have devoured both bags by now, she hasn't. Oh, and did I mention that she has the cutest, identical baby boys?

Stephanie: Stephanie is a dear friend from UVU. She doesn't comment much (I guess she might think she is above it or something). How do I know she blog stalks me then? Well one day in class she was asked what the was the most beautiful thing she had seen that day, and she said pictures of Ellie (I can't wait until she spawns some beautiful kids!!). I sometimes try to tell her stuff, and she says she already read about it on my blog...maybe she just doesn't want to talk to me or something, maybe we aren't friends. Stephanie and her husband are fun, outdoorsy people, and they actually look like they could be twins...

Mom: What your mom doesn't blog? Well that's a shame. I can't really count on any one else reading my blog, but I know my mom does...She has a blog, and not only that she is a bonafied blog stalker (I would dare say she is worse than me). She hates when I have friends that go private...how is she going to check up on them? So friends...give an invite to my mom. Thanks.

Meagan: Meagan and I are low maintenance friends, so this blogging business is really good for our friendship. I know she checks my blog, because I always check hers. Not only that, but I have heard that I have some followers from her family. I hear that Mike can do a really mean (and by that I mean good) impression of Ellie's temper tantrum. Hopefully one of these days I'll get to see it.
Moravia: Her acutal name is Jenny, she's great and very smart and it makes me feel good when he leaves comments. She is living proof that you can be LDS and liberal (I would use myself as an example, but some would probably disagree, especially since I don't like kids). She used to live in Utah, but now lives in Pennsylvania with her cute family (she is celebrating her nine year anniversary this weekend).
Speaking of blog stalking cousins...Angela, you should totally get a blog so I can stalk you too...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My list of 3

3 Names I answer to:

1. Katy (Ellie usually refers to me as Katy when we are playing together, I don't mind...it is a little less formal.)
2. Moooooom
3. Wifee/Wifey

3 Restaurants I like:

1. PF Changs
2. Jaxies
3. Old Spaghetti Factory

3 Trips I have planned for the rest of the year:

1. none (sad)
2. none (WAY sad)
3. none (are you crying for me too?)

3 Things I REALLY want:

1. A bigger house
2. Better time management skills (lesson plan, due tomorrow...I still have all night, right?)
3. Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses

3 Pets I have/had:

1. Flower
2. Bob
3. Winky
(these were all at my parent's house, luckily Dan and I share the philosophy...the only good pet is a dead pet, or a monkey.)

3 Things I did yesterday:

1. Running at 5 am (no worries, I think I am falling out of love with it)
2. Went to school
3. Did "cool tricks" with Ellie (jumping on the bed and such)

3 Things I ate yesterday:

1. Bagelful
2. Strawberries
3. One Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kiss (they do exist)

3 Fears I have:

1. Car Accident
2. Death
3. Cancer

3 Things I plan on doing today: (Considering that it is 10:20, we'll just mention what I did today)

1. Took Ellie to gymnastics
2. Grocery shopping
3. Met with the bishop of our new ward (Say hello to your new nursery substitutes!! Poor kids, I told them I didn't like little kids, but really where are they going to put me? I don't like teenagers or other adults either...)

3 Things I plan on doing tomorrow:

1. Give a kick-a presentation involving this video.
2. Go running
3. School

Holidays I love:

1. HALLOWEEN!!! This has actually been a struggle in our marriage, I LOVE Halloween, and as a kid Dan never got to celebrate it (well he did once, but that will be in a post all its own closer to Halloween day!!), so he HATES it!!
2. 24th of July
3. New Year's Eve/New Year's Day

3 Beverages I like:

1. Water
2. Orange Juice
3. Milk

3 People I tag:


Friday, October 17, 2008

Playground Bullies...do they exist?

Ellie: Mom, there was this mean kid at the playground. He pushed me, and then poked me in the eye, and then he kicked me.

me: Really, when (I was super concerned)?

Ellie: Oh Mom, it is just my CBS fiction hour.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, I admit I am a huge complainer, and you want to know what I complained about today? It was FREEZING!! Do you want to know what made me feel better? This coat:

So, Ellie refused to just stand there and pose (it looked SO cute with only her knees, knee highs and shoes showing)...I believe she is doing yoga in the back of our car...
In other news...My friend with Leukemia (ya, know the one I hassled you all about with the free donor registry?). Well, it turns out they found a donor for him, and it was an amazingly, awesome match!! Hopefully he will begin his treatment in two to three weeks!! I never thanked all of the awesome friends, family members, and readers who registered (sorry, my bad), but THANK YOU!! Who knows maybe this came about because of you!! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anniversary Love Letter

Dear Dan,

Today is our Fifth Anniversary. Did you really think we would make it this long? I bet you had your doubts especially when I pushed over your golf clubs a couple of weeks ago when we were in a fight. Yeah, you were pretty ticked, but after a couple of days passed you were able to laugh about it (phew!!). You have since vowed that you will stop by the grocery store on your way home when I ask you to, and I promise I won't touch your clubs if you do.

Our first date was funny (we had only known each other, what, three days?). I thought it was a pretty funny joke to pretend we were dating since my Uncle Brad was your boss and all, but don't think I didn't notice you holding my hand when we weren't "pretending".

Remember the time when we went to California with our buddies, and you dressed up in women's clothing that was funny, and you looked HOT. If you ever decided to be a woman, I'd be jealous. Some colors just look better on you (pink is one that comes to mind).

You know how Ellie always teases me and says that you are her boyfriend? I like that you tell her you are her boyfriend, but you're my husband. Thanks.

I liked when I worked at the bank and you would stop by to visit. You always brought me a treat, and put it through the drawer in the drive thru. That was back when we were in Logan, and had this RAD scooter. We would go grocery shopping with the scooter, and we had to get real creative with where we put the bags. You loved that scooter.

Even though I don't like it when you scare me (I know it doesn't take much). I like to see you scare other people. My favorite was when you scared that lady I worked with as she was getting soda out of the downstair's storage unit at work, I still laugh when I think about it, she screamed all dramatic and flailed her arms in the air. Classic.

I like to watch you play with Ellie, actually it melts my heart. Who knew you'd be such an awesome Dad? You know that it is your fault she wants to be a daddy when she grows up, right? Especially since she thinks daddies can breastfeed babies (thanks for teaching her how, that was a very valuable lesson).

But honestly the day that I remember the most is the day we were married. I was SO nervous, and I cried...A LOT. The most comforting thing was when the sealer at the Mt. Timpanogas temple told us that we were both worthy to be there. I was so worried about that, especially since I will be the first to admit that I am far from perfect. The rest of our ceremony really is a blur, but I know we received some awesome council and blessings. I also really enjoyed that we only had a luncheon. Ha Ha to those that didn't, we were done chatting with people at 3 pm, and were off to do "married stuff" shortly after.

I can honestly say that I love you more now than I did that day (who knew that was possible?). Thanks for putting up with me, and you're welcome (for me putting up with you).

I love you WAY lots!!

Your Wifee