Monday, September 6, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten


Yep, she REALLY is that big!!

Ellie started kindergarten last week. I decided to have her come to school with me, which sadly means that, yes, I am back at work too. :( Ellie loves school!! During her kindergarten assessment, her teacher asked her to count as high as she could, and Ellie kept going and going...finally her teacher stopped her once she got to 100. Miss Harris can thank Grandpa for her mad math skills.

Rhysky had a rough day at the babysitter's without his big sister. Apparently Ellie rushes to him when he makes any kind of sound. He loves that big sister of his. He was so happy to see us when we picked him up that day.

Ellie just outside her classroom. Notice, she isn't in her brand, new school clothes. As a teacher, it cracks me up to see kids show up to school on the first day wearing their long sleeve shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes in 85-90 degree weather. I've done my fair share of school clothes shopping, and I honestly can't wait to get her skinny jeans and ballet flats out...maybe a couple more weeks...
Ellie has been going by Elisabeth for the past week. It has been stressing her out, because she doesn't know how to spell Elisabeth. She told me she didn't know where to hang her backpack...darn grandma and her encouragement of giving her a "grown up name".

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