Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ellie has been driving me crazy lately with her lack of responsibility. One thing that is totally driving me batty is that she constantly misplaces her library book. Library day is on Thursday, and on Wednesdays we are looking high and low for that book! Last night was no different, only I didn't find it.

Well, Ellie popped into my room after school, and as she was emptying her backpack she was telling me about what they had done in class. When suddenly she stopped and said, "Oh B.S., the reason why we couldn't find my library book was because I left it at school."

Now if you didn't catch it, B.S. = P.S. :)


Kim and Preston said...

Haha...that is awesome!

Katie L. said...

Ha ha ha!!! I am loving that!!

Andrea said...

ugh, i hate the library thing. kaylee just got a note saying that we owe like $3 because she didn't return a book. I KNOW I sent it to school with her, but what happened once it got there is beyond me. I just hope she doesn't lose an expensive book!!!